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“During my childhood, each time I had sharp heart pains, my terrified parents rushed me to the hospital repeatedly, only to be told nothing was...
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Dear Beautiful Susann, Thank you for your constantly high-vibrating, inspiring, positive teachings. I know that you ALWAYS help me step into a higher version...
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Susan Stewart

I have the Soul Reunion book beside my bed and am inspired by it every morning and night. It is as though you wrote...
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Thank you so much for facilitating my Akashic Record reading. Words cannot express my gratitude. To have further clarity and validation about this particular...
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I’ve been reading your awesome books all weekend. They are filled with Meat. Great stuff that I needed.  All of it.  Honestly,  beautiful job....
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Susann’s work brought me into a deep connection with my inner resources of wisdom and inner guidance as I had never experienced so profoundly....
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Roland Campos

Listening to Susann Taylor Shier’s Soul Radiance CD is always a wonderful, magical experience. Susann takes you to that place within where the seeds...
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  Susann is a spectacular guide. Her loving energy is palpable and her wisdom is sharp. When I leave a session I so often...
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Susann, out of the many healers, I honestly find you to be walking your talk. You truly love and want the best for us....
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Judy, Singapore

I asked many questions in my sessions with Susann and I appreciate her patience, kindness and her very humble devotion touches my heart. My...

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