Advanced Ignite Your Intuition

Advanced Ignite Your Intuition

Art of Greg Martin

The Voice of Your Soul

Expanded Tools for Intuitive Connectedness

Take your intuition to a whole new level with these advanced tools for everyday clarity.

Susann’s guides carry a deep, trustworthy and sacred wisdom of love. During this special class they come forward to deliver potent insights and the means for you to have your deepening relationship with the voice of your soul through your guides.

The participants who have taken this course experienced a profound level of connection, communion and enhanced personal perception of spirit revelation through them.

The course enhances your abilities to be clear with your intuitive guidance and help you release the soul level fears that keep you from trusting your inner navigation system.


Advanced Ignite Your Intuition - The Voice of your Soul (MP3)

MP3 – Instant Download.

Price: $189.00

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