Accelerate Your Soul’s Infinite Abundance Field

September 8th–29th, 2018


A New 21-Day Immersion Intensive to

Master Your Life On Earth


Reunite With The Expanse Of All That You Are

Embody Your Universal Nature ~ Embrace Your Epic Unfolding 

Calling all of you who exist in Parallel Universes…

You Know Who You Are!


During this 21-day Immersion of accelerated access to your gifts as an infinite soul:

 You will DISCOVER how to access this grandness of Parallel dimensionality. So, when you find yourself caught up in stress, taking on negative energies around you, or feeling purposeless, you will know EXACTLY what to do to regain your divine footing … GUARANTEED.

 You will GAIN the “Sensitive Soul’s Guide to THRIVING!”

 Witness the amazing multidimensional soul that you are be REVEALED, out of your weakness into your STRENGTH.

 You will EMBRACE the extraordinary GIFTS you bring as gifts this world truly NEEDS!

 You will RECLAIM your ability to live abundantly, and to the fullest. It’s what you came here for!

During this potent and life-changing 21-day event designed specifically for multidimensional souls like you, expect to transform:

  • Feeling “homeless” here on earth, to feeling at home in your beautiful universal skin.
  • Showing up as a “hot mess” to being an abiding, peaceful presence.
  • Being overly-giving to feeling deeply loved.
  • Staying contracted in fear to feeling radiantly alive.
  • Feeling you have nothing to offer, to knowing the value of your joyful contribution.
  • Feeling emotionally drained, to knowing you can handle anything.

During these 21 days together, we will deepen your transformational abilities, your key embodiment of Love, and your unique ability to bring in dimensions beyond this world to your world here and now – for the benefit of ALL.

We’ll reset your tendencies to be too sensitive, empathic and afraid of engaging in and with the world, while heightening your intuitive gifts as the amazing soul that you are. 

“I just love the Immersion and how miraculously it works, with such ease, such beauty. Thank you Susann, thank you to this whole group.”- Colleen

In this immersion we will:

~ Expand into an infinite field of possibilities over and over and over again. We’ll be held and supported and loved by the bounty of creation and all the benevolence and power of the Divine guidance that exists infinitely.

~ Usher in the codes for the new earth that you are holding like precious seeds of existence.

The activations and guided meditation journeys to your Parallel worlds for reconnecting and resourcing will be a huge part of this voluptuous time together. This is the best part, for sure.

Your challenges keep you from giving expression to the treasure chest of YOU – a reflection of the gifts of the infinite your Parallel Soul carries so magnificently!  This is the time to dissolve those challenges in the light of infinite Love.

During “Accelerate Your Soul’s Abundance Field” we will most definitely access and immerse ourselves in the treasure chest of the infinite so that you have it available to bring forth your soulfully abundant life expression here.

“Thank you for the Immersion, the great group gathered together, and all the additional time you gave. I am immensely grateful. We went so far beyond anything I could have imagined. Wow!” – Karen


Art of Greg Martin


“I have a great real estate deal in NYC going into contract this week. A miracle manifestation – for real! And it happened during our Immersion, with your nudging guidance and the Divine Energy Intervention we brought forth. Needless to say, I have been walking on air. Great gratitude all around.”- Maria



 FIVE (5) live 60 minute calls with ample time for questions and answers

 Replay recordings of each live session in case you can’t attend the live call

 Daily meditations or communications sent via email

 A Private Secret Facebook Group to inspire, uplift and support your soul’s purposes emerging.

 Personal email support from me and my guides, the Beloveds.

 And MUCH More!



Saturday, September 8 at 9am PST/12pm EST
Tuesday, September 11 at 5pm PST/8pm EST
Tuesday, September 18 at 5pm PST/8pm EST
Tuesday, September 25 at 5pm PST/8pm EST
Saturday, September 29 at 9am PST/12pm EST

* If you can’t attend one or more of the live sessions, a RECORDING of the call will be sent to you.


During these amazing, extensive, and in-depth 21 days we are sure to:

  • Bring you PERMANENT connection to your expanded, universal self.
  • Assist you to let your sense of lost-ness here be FOUND.
  • Honor your SENSITIVITIES, while assisting you to be less sensitive without building walls and boundaries to do so.
  • Move past the prison of being overly EMPATHIC and taking on others energies and negativity.
  • Create the reality that this is a TOTALLY SUPPORTIVE, safe and love-filled universe for you.
  • Dissolve the fear that there is an invisible enemy waiting to “bring you harm” in the world, be it cloaked as the veil, the illuminati, or the corporate world that “controls” us.
  • Bring you into the TRUTH of the present moment.
  • Bring you into what it means to LIVE IN THE FLOW.
  • Help you find the COURAGE to be your authentic self.
  • Assist you to come out of hiding from a world that is filled with INFINITE CREATION.
  • Dissolve the fear that the NEW WORLD will not arrive.
  • Open the door to the true nature of CHANNELING.
  • RELEASE your tendencies to be an energy sponge.
  • Learn how to CREATIVELY PREVENT cancer and unwanted disease and addictive tendencies.
  • Bring you into a feeling of safety to be your joy filled, passionate, celebratory self in life, NO MATTER WHAT.

My guides and yours are standing by to help you create the valuable, joy filled life you dream of. This is the year and certainly the time to get you connected to the Field of Infinite Abundance that LOVES co-creating with you to bring you all you need.

* A payment plan is available. See details about this below.


If you’d like to discuss a different payment arrangement or alternate form of payment, please contact me.

We can work it out! [email protected]


“I am grateful to the Universe for directing me to this class. I will forever bless the day I signed up and I believe everyone who took part in this course has benefited as me.” – KS


I so cherish speaking about, and helping you to master, the wonders of the Parallel Universal gifts that you bring.

You are extraordinary and I want you to feel seen and understood and directly in touch with your amazing universal nature!

The world needs you just as you are!

With my Love and appreciation for the magnificent soul you are, Susann


“The Soul Mastery Immersion was beyond words…you took us step by step on an incredible journey into the depths of our souls, expanding our consciousness, and connection to the divine! I could feel my heart opening, and releasing what is no longer for my highest good.” ~ Patti Wolf 
“For the first time ever I felt really comfortable going with my intuition with a client and go for it in a session with her. That felt so great!” ~ Margie
“I now know the secret to manifesting. It’s working! Susann’s personal support was priceless.” ~ Samuel
“I feel safer to be me on this beautiful planet. I am finally in touch with my solar plexus. It is unlocked! Thank you. I am forever grateful.” ~ Colleen
“What an amazing Immersion. My blood pressure lowered and isn’t coming back up. I feel greater peace and more at home here. I certainly didn’t feel that way going into it!” ~ Louise
“This was an expansive, adventurous immersion full of joyful embodiment, with all the tools served up in a delicious sunlit bowl of freedom. A magical channel for expression and appreciation. I was restless and now I am roused by even greater possibilities and I know what I have to do. Thank you Susann for these creative gifts of your soul.” ~ Genevieve 
“I felt the co-creatorship of all in the Immersion today, and I wept it was so moving and beautiful. I feel completely safe and held by spirit. I love you, and all that you midwife for me.” ~ Holly
“I walk on air suspended in light and vibrational brilliance. This is divine safety….Everything is lighter – my bone structure is lighter and brighter and clear….my emotional body is rewired to not have PTSD…..emotional strength and clarity…..the masters of divine partnership expanded…my mental body is safe and clear. There is a never-ending expansion and capacity for more that is light and clear….it never ends…..this party never ends…” ~ Melody
“I am feeling the template for my business coming in. No more trauma bonds or bonds or agreeing to stay small with people under any circumstances.” ~ Debbie
“I am completely free. I choose the relationships I wish to be in and how I wish to be in those relationships. I love that I can share my powerful vulnerability with you and that you can hold it with such clarity and honor, and be a divine witness to my evolution.” ~ Janet


21-Day Immersion Intensive ~ Accelerate Your Soul's Infinite Abundance Field
21-Day Immersion Intensive ~ Accelerate Your Soul's Infinite Abundance Field
Price: $247.00


Installments: 21-Day Immersion Intensive ~ Accelerate Your Soul's Infinite Abundance Field
Installments: 21-Day Immersion Intensive ~ Accelerate Your Soul's Infinite Abundance Field
3 Installments of $89.00 due every two weeks from time of purchase.
Price: $267.00



The Power of a Skilled Guide 

Susann Taylor Shier is the founder of Soul Mastery™ and a highly established, internationally acclaimed author, spiritual counselor, intuitive healer, and medium.

Along with her cherished guides – The Beloveds – she magically allows you to experience a deep homecoming with Love, igniting infinite possibilities for all facets of your life.

Through private sessions, trainings and rejuvenating retreat adventures, Susann brings you into the potent, magical connection with your soul gifts, strengths and purposes, while dissolving all that keeps you from your wealth of fulfillment.

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