Feel at Home on Earth in Your Universal Skin

Feel at Home on Earth in Your Universal Skin

September 9th–23rd, 2017
Online By Phone or Webinar


Feel at Home on Earth in Your Universal Skin ~

A 14-Day Immersion to Master Your Life On Earth …


Do you ever find yourself thinking …


“I have so much to offer.  My connection to Love and Universal Spirit is so real, but how do I make it all work here? How do I manage the energies I’m so aware of – through people and situations around me,  AND have a bountiful life for myself?”


This immersion is especially designed for EMPATHS, SENSITIVE BEINGS, MULTIDIMENSIONAL SOULS and HEALERS who have difficulty here, know you give too much, and take on others’ energies unwittingly.



You are a remarkable multidimensional soul, aware of the influx of the higher energies in certain ways, while also being very sensitive the energies continually ‘ping-ponging” around you here in this dimension.


Master your ability to thrive in ALL ways on Earth, while expanding your connection to the galactic home world you originated from.


“Understanding your soul’s purpose and identity gives an instant awareness of the “why” in the choices and events in your life. Working with Susann gives instant recognition in an amazing wave of remembrance. Suddenly it all makes sense. You then move forward in your life with a wonderful sense of  purpose, completeness, peace and joy.” – E.C


During this potent and life-changing event designed specifically for multidimensional souls like you, expect to transform:


  • Showing up as a “hot mess” to being an abiding, peaceful presence.

  • Being overly-giving to feeling deeply loved.

  • Contracted in fear to feeling radiantly alive.

  • Feeling you have nothing to offer, to knowing the value of your joyful contribution.

  • Feeling emotionally drained, to feeling you can handle anything.

  • Feeling “homeless” here on earth, to feeling at home in your beautiful universal skin.



But that’s not all!  You’ll also:


  • Learn to listen to your soul and your heart to guide you always.

  • Generate immense vitality and healing energy at the level that truly serves your galactic beingness.

  • Know you can live in fullness of divinity, while being free to live life with a joyful, buoyant heart and a deep reverence for being alive.

  • Turn your sensitivity into a divine gift of ONLY being sensitive and intuitive to spirit’s way, while dropping your propensity to be overly emotional to everything going on in your world.

  • Move from being a helpless empathic to receiving the “Empaths’ Guide to Thriving!”

  • Discover how to navigate taking necessary alone time while craving connection and communion.



“You are all AMAZING! No words to express how grateful I am to be with all of you Parallels and what we are creating together. I feel so connected. And thank you Susann, for creating this, and for all your insight and guidance as we connect to more the expanded of who we are and bring our power to create here in our gifted lives here on this extraordinary Earth adventure!” – A.W





 FOUR (4) live 60+ minute calls with ample time for questions and answers.

 Replay recordings of each live session.

 Daily meditations and exercises with energy transmissions during the 14 days.

 Daily transformational release of your challenges to bring you Home and live fully from your galactic gifts.

 A Private Facebook Group to inspire, uplift and support your soul’s purposes emerging.

 Personal email support from me and my guides, the Beloveds.  You can email me your questions directly!

 And MUCH More!





Saturday, September 9 at 9am PST/12pm EST
Tuesday, September 12 at 5pm PST/8pm EST
Saturday, September 16 at 9am PST/12pm EST
Thursday, September 21 at 5pm PST/8pm EST
Saturday, September 23 at 9am PST/12pm EST


* If you can’t attend one or more of the live sessions, a recording of the call will be sent to you.



COST: $247


* A payment plan is available. See details about this below.


If you’d like to discuss a different payment arrangement or alternate form of payment, please contact me. We can work it out!



“Coming out of your amazing course experience, I approached life in a whole new way. I honored my choices and stood up for what I wanted in a very calm, divinely rooted place. I now feel that ANYTHING is possible as I’m standing in this field of Divinity with Legions of support in all dimensions of time and space with me. I feel strong and courageous.”



Feel at Home on Earth in Your Universal Skin
Feel at Home on Earth in Your Universal Skin

A 14-Day Immersion Experience to Master Your Life on Earth!

Price: $247.00


Installments: Feel at Home on Earth in Your Universal Skin
Installments: Feel at Home on Earth in Your Universal Skin

3 Installments of $89.00 due every two weeks from time of purchase.

Price: $267.00


Gain personal power connected to universal power to charge your mastery of being fully alive in the world – just as it is.


Your soul knows what’s possible for YOU!


The Power of a Skilled Guide 

Susann Taylor Shier is the founder of Soul Mastery™ and a highly established, internationally acclaimed author, spiritual counselor, intuitive healer, and medium.

Along with her cherished guides – The Beloveds – she magically allows you to experience a deep homecoming with Love, igniting infinite possibilities for all facets of your life.

Through private sessions, trainings and rejuvenating retreat adventures, Susann brings you into the potent, magical connection with your soul gifts, strengths and purposes, while dissolving all that keeps you from your wealth of fulfillment.



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