Love is in the Air: It’s Your Time for Sacred Partnership

February 11th–22nd, 2020

A New 11-Day Immersive Workshop
To Build the Foundation of Intimate Partnership

Do you want to create an intimate relationship that feeds your heart and soul?

Do you long for a sacred partnership that reflects your core values?

Are you ready to discover how to open the portals in your heart to receive the beauty, magic and even bliss you hunger to experience in your personal life through soulful love whether you are gay, straight, male or female?

This year of 2020 has all the elements for coming together in love that you could ask for!

The focus is on manifesting your dreams, embodying what you long for, and creating connection and collaboration with plenty of divine magic weaving through it all.

This is the means for you to initiate a whole new way of creating and walking into an intimate partnership as never before.

Build the Soul Magnet and Love Will Find You!

I am thrilled, tickled, jumping for joy and doing my happy dance to announce to you that it is your time to have all of this and way more!

I invite you to join us to create your roadmap to love from the inside out. This is the secret to genuine manifestation of the love you long for.

I so want your romantic destiny to come true!!!!

Here’s how!!!!!!

Love is in the Air

It’s Your Time for Sacred Partnership

A New 11-Day Immersive Workshop

February 11-22, 2020

The Two Shall Be As One

Build the Foundation for Your New Life of Love

“Love is in the Air: It’s Your Time for Sacred Partnership” will focus on my highly acclaimed and loved recent book, “I Know You Are Out There: A Soul’s Journey to Sacred Love.

This is proclaimed to be the year for manifesting your dreams and building stable, solid foundations in your life. 

So, if intimate partnership is high on your intention list then this immersive workshop is for you! 

This is your grand opportunity to approach dating and “searching” for your soul love in a whole new way as you have NEVER done it before. You will actually find yourself ENJOYING the process. That is huge!

“I smiled in my heart and cried tears of hope over and over as I poured through this love filled book. I am recharged and know there is so much I CAN do that makes sense to my heart to create a real relationship for the first time ever.” ~ Shelby

In this potent, deep-dive 11-Day Immersive Workshop, we will:

  • Clear the path to receive the love you know you want to create.
  • Open the door of your heart to receive this beautiful gift of love.
  • Discover all you need to generate this beloved connection from the inside out to insure that you have exactly what is divinely destined for you to know.
  • Learn how to release any roadblocks to love as they arise.
  • Hold the magic formula for knowing that this special relationship is truly on its way.
  • Dissolve the soul challenges and protection mechanisms that have kept you from feeling safe to draw in the love of your life.
  • Move past attracting unavailable love.
  • Gain profound confidence that you can have love and love will find you.
  • Discover how to impeccably trust your process to soul love.
  • Learn how to aim high in what you desire for love.
  • Know that he is genuinely looking for you.
  • Develop the ability to welcome your partner in your heart and thus into your life.

In this deep dive workshop you will be assured that you are doing all you can to create the perfect match for your heart and soul and life.

Feel that the whole universe is supporting and uplifting you
to manifest your beloved in the flesh.

If you are single or unhappy in the level of your relationship and want your intimate partnership to reflect your core values, this immersive workshop can make a MASSIVE difference to receive some of the most heart and soul inspired spiritual and real world tools to help you believe in love again.  Most importantly, to believe that it is possible for you and you have complete command of its manifestation.

You will have the support of others who want this for you and for themselves. We are cheerleaders for each other when we get together!

Join me and an intimate gathering of special souls ready for love, as they have never experienced before in 2020.

This year is unlike ever we have seen and off the charts an excellent time for manifesting the love of your dreams.

If you are reading this then you really want to change your life and that’s big!!!

This is your time to hone in on what your heart and soul truly what in love.

“I really would like to thank you for the wonderful way you guided us through the 21 days of Immersion. My analysis of a problem of my client is more accurate and has less judgment so people are really happy with it. I managed to get a great work assignment. It was not difficult to close the deal and they are really happy with me. This all makes me so happy to genuinely hold my true power.” ~ Mijke

This heart-centered Immersive Workshop designed specifically for loving souls like you, is:

  • Immersive learning to change your whole way of approaching your love life
  • Interactive
  • Where you will get all of your most important questions answered

As a group we come together to create a space and connection that’s so much bigger and more powerful than what any of us can do by ourselves. This is truly a year for collaboration and this is one area where collaboration is so helpful. We all need mentors, muses and those we are accountable to. This is a trustworthy group who deeply value what you value for you for your love life. How great is that!

Without You I am Whole. With You I am More.

As a group:

  • Lifetimes of patterns will be realized and dissolved
  • Old relationship ties will fall away.
  • A newfound confidence and clarity will come forward and that is PRICELESS!
  • Pathways of inspired action will easily appear, and that is no small thing for most of us in the arena of love!

This is what you long for, so now is the time to step into your “Yes!” to knowing sacred partnership love.

Love is in the Air

It’s Your Time for Sacred Partnership

11-Day Immersive Workshop

February 11-22, 2020


“I just want to tell you how greatly I appreciate your guidance through the Immersion. It has given me a new sense of self and an awesome reminder that I am not drifting aimlessly in this human experience. PS: A special thanks for answering ALL my questions.” ~ Rudi


Love is in the Air: It’s Your Time for Sacred Partnership

11-Day Immersive Workshop Includes:


 Four live 60-minute calls with ample time for questions and answers.

  Replay recordings of each live session. **If you can’t attend a live session, a recording will be sent to you immediately after the call.

 You can work with the material at your own pace. If you are not able to listen to all the sessions in the eleven days. It is designed this way as an ongoing resource for your fulfillment in love.

 Downloadable files of every session so you can listen to the teaching anywhere you go.

  Personal email support from me and my guides, the Beloveds. You can email me your questions directly!

 Lifetime course access and MUCH More!

“I do feel more relaxed, open, & confident to keep leaning in to the unknown, & limitless possibilities. The greatest gift to me in the class was the attention given to our inherent value…choosing to know that I am valuable. I think our success in all areas of life is reflected in this knowing. It gives us that extra strength, courage, & power to create anything we desire.” ~ Aliandra

“I so learned just relax, soften, allow for newness and know that it is safe to completely let go of everything! What falls away will be exactly what needs to at this time. With complete trust, awareness and knowing it’s an inside job (no judgement) the newness can rush in to fill the vacuum/ void. Excellent!” ~ Sara



Four (4) LIVE Calls with Susann

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET

Saturday, February 15, 2020 at 9 am PT / 12 pm ET

Tuesday, February 18, 2020 at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET

Saturday, February 22, 2020 at 9 am PT / 12 pm ET


* If you can’t attend a live session, a recording will be sent to you immediately after the call.


The universe of love is moving heaven and earth to bring you into sacred love so you may meet the intimate partner of your dreams.

I am with you in your glorious creation of intimate love. This is the year for the union of souls for sure!


Love is in the Air: It’s Your Time for Sacred Partnership

Special Discounted Price for the sake of Love


(Originally $149)

* A payment plan is available. See details about this below.

I never want money or costs to stop anyone from attending, so we have a payment plan, or you and I can create one, so you don’t have to hold off on having love come fully into your life NOW.

It’s your time for sacred partnership.

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! What a beautiful immersion. Words cannot express my gratitude and joy. Wow. Yes, this immersion has helped me move forward in my journey, providing me with tools to heal, knowing that I am not alone. I am fully supported by the universe. What an amazing adventure and connection to infinite prosperity. And, now as I continue on my healing, and work on my vision in alignment with my soul’s purpose, I know I can stand in my truth and shine the light brightly, so that others can see and know that love, joy, freedom, happiness and abundance are possible.” ~ PW


If you feel the call, please Join Us!


Love is in the Air: It's Your Time for Sacred Partnership Immersive Workshop
Love is in the Air: It's Your Time for Sacred Partnership Immersive Workshop
Love is in the Air is an 11-Day Immersive Workshop from February 11-22, 2020 to help you build the foundation of intimate partnership.
Price: $149.00
Price: $111.00


INSTALLMENTS Love is in the Air: It's Your Time for Sacred Partnership Immersive Workshop
INSTALLMENTS Love is in the Air: It's Your Time for Sacred Partnership Immersive Workshop
Love is in the Air 11-Day Immersive Workshop Installment Plan. THREE Payments of $40.66 billed every 2 weeks FOR A TOTAL OF $122.00.
Price: $149.00
Price: $122.00



The Power of a Skilled Guide 

Susann Taylor Shier is the founder of Soul Mastery™ and a highly established, internationally acclaimed author, spiritual counselor, intuitive healer, and medium.

Along with her cherished guides – The Beloveds – she magically allows you to experience a deep homecoming with Love, igniting infinite possibilities for all facets of your life.

Through private sessions, trainings and rejuvenating retreat adventures, Susann brings you into the potent, magical connection with your soul gifts, strengths and purposes, while dissolving all that keeps you from your wealth of fulfillment.

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