Navigate Change Confidently: Transition with Guidance and Grace

September 12th–19th, 2019

Knowing how to navigate change in today’s world is as essential
as knowing how to breathe, for change is the very nature of life,
and something that will occur with or without our permission.

You may feel as though your “old” life is ending, but you don’t know what’s there to replace it.

This highly experiential week-long Immersion gives you the means to traverse any uncharted territory you face with assurance and ease. Your soul and the divine are calling you to step fully into your path and purpose. This is your opportunity to courageously move forward by releasing the patterns that keep you in resistance.

Through guided journey meditations, activations and pattern clearings plus potent, practical tools to transform fears around change expect to receive:

  • The anchor and trust you need to safely navigate transitions.

  • The confidence – the divine self-esteem – to direct your course.

  • A strong, flexible and fluid core to step bravely into the unknown from a heart fueled by abundance.

  • Learn how to live from the fulfillment of your soul’s revelation of purpose.

This is your invitation to explore the limitless possibilities that await you as you transform fear to magic and resistance to miracles.

It is transition time.


Are you done being stuck, in fear, or too tired or burdened to move forward?

Do you sense that something larger is calling but you do not know how to connect to it in a way that uplifts you?

Let’s bring the deep work you have found yourself walking through this past nine months into a place of fuel for creative harvest and fulfillment.

A whole new way of being awaits you!

You feel it. Now let’s bring it into fruition!

We are moving towards a huge vortex at the end of 2019 so now is the perfect time to set in motion who you want to be and how you want to bring that new expression into the world.

Are you ready to let your wings expand to assist you to soar into the new world you wish to come into with guidance and grace?

There will be three (3) LIVE sessions. We will begin with a LIVE session together on Thursday, September 12 and end with another LIVE session on Thursday, September 19. There will also be one in the middle on Saturday, September 14.

What happens in between? Five (5) days full of meditations, activations, and releasing of the patterns that no longer serve your soul’s emergence into full blown prosperity.

Replays of the live sessions will be sent out immediately.

This is a brand new 7-day journey of transformation.
There will be a wealth of healing, energy activations, and inspiration.

7 days to Navigate Change Confidently and Transition with Guidance and Grace:

  • There are three live sessions with Susann online: Thursday, September 12, 2019,  Saturday, September 14, 2019 and Thursday, September 19, 2019 including question and answer time.

  • Meditations and exercises emailed to you throughout the week in between the sessions.

  • Downloadable audio files of each session will be provided so you can listen on the go.

  • Lifetime Course Access

  • Replays of the live sessions will be sent out immediately.

Pricing: $47.

You are magnificent and your soul and its guidance
are moving heaven and earth for you continually!

Navigate Change Confidently: Transition with Guidance and Grace
Navigate Change Confidently: Transition with Guidance and Grace
A new 7-day journey of transformation
Price: $47.00

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    • Hi Vickie, Thanks for inquiring. The Thursday sessions begin at 5 pm Pacific / 8 pm Eastern and the Saturday session begins at 9 am Pacific / 12 pm Eastern. Each session will be 1 hour – 1.5 hours long. As far as interactivity goes — YES, they will be very interactive and very experiential. Hope that helps!

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