A NEW Course ~ Return to Love After Loss and Grief

A NEW Course ~ Return to Love After Loss and Grief

November 29th–December 31st, 2017
Online DailyOM Course


Return to Love After Loss and Grief

~ Susann’s new course is now available through DailyOM!


Unresolved grief and loss hold the heart in a burdened state, and keep us away from the light of Love and connection that we all long for.

Honoring what we have lost is vital. Getting in touch with what we have lost is crucial.

Your experiences are unique. You are so valuable and all you are experiencing and walking through right now is REAL and RELEVANT.


And you are NOT alone. 


My 8 week course: Return To Love After Loss and Grief  is an “evergreen” gift to yourself and others to help you traverse the path of grief towards healing and renewal.



FOR ONLY $10-$25, you can access it whenever you need a warm blanket of transformation to bring your heart to the fullness of your expression and the richness of your contribution.

The course is very creative so it won’t take you down the well or rabbit hole of your grief and drop you there. It does just the opposite.

It lifts you to new heights of Love and prosperity that you never dreamed were possible.

Feel deeply UNDERSTOOD, and SUPPORTED exactly where you are in your heart’s process.


Learn more and purchase it HERE



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