New Upcoming Interview with Cari Murphy and Straight Talk for the Soul

May 11th, 2021


Cari Murphy and I will be creating together again on May 11, 2021. I can’t wait to see what will come forth through us.

I love the “Straight Talk for the Soul“ community and what occurs of deep expansion and powerful transformation whenever I am on the show. All the speakers have rich ways of bringing forth your best and that is one grand reason I love to be on the show to assist you to activate the light of your soul.

Cari and I love magnifying love and joy, especially, in intimate ways for you to share in.

We invite you to register for this complimentary series at and join Cari’s private facebook group now for immediate community upliftment and support at

I am grateful to be join Cari alongside 30+ authors, speakers, healers, intuitives and change agents who are devoted to assisting us with this powerful shift in consciousness taking place in our world right now.

We invite you to listen in and participate (plus, ask your questions and join in the conversation!) live by phone or computer from anywhere in the world! Once again, you can register FREE at to receive all the necessary information, special offers, as well as access to your complimentary replays if you are unable to join the live shows.

This is an unprecedented time on our planet and your presence is requested AND WILL BE CELEBRATED! Let’s proclaim a bold “YES!” to this cosmic invitation and global opportunity to come together in a powerful sacred circle and create the necessary progress and change that we are being called to bring forth.

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