Retreat Adventure in Sedona

September 27th–October 3rd, 2021
Sedona, Arizona


A Sacred Gathering of Souls



We are delighted to announce our fourth unique retreat adventure of heart opening and soul directed experiences.

We will have seven rejuvenating and profound days together.
With laughter, play, and a lightness of heart, we will create the experience of a lifetime.  

During our retreat, we will:

  • Easily open access to our higher dimensional states
  • Bring the remarkable nature of our Divinity into our physical capacity of expression 
  • Explore the sacred Sedona grids of light- the vortices- purifying, activating, and upshifting our experience 
  • Discover the magic of practical Divinity – the art of being our expanded selves and using our extraordinary powers in daily life. 



Come join us to expand our capacity to access whatever we need in whatever situation as we are connected to the Infinite in our physical bodies.

Come join us to expand our capacity to live as we were designed- as the pure, powerful creators we are.

Come join us to be our embodied Divinity.

Brought to you by Susann Taylor Shier and Janet Eichorst

For more information, please visit our Soul Radiance Retreat site: 2021 – Soul Radiance Retreats










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