Retreat Adventure in Spain

September 28th–October 5th, 2019

Presented by

Soul Radiance & Imagination Spa 


Explore the Magnificence of Your Inner Universe 


La Finca Paradiso – A Sanctuary for Transformation

September 28th– October 5th2019

Andalucia, Spain



We are delighted to announce a unique collaboration between Imagination Spa Retreats and Soul Radiance Retreats, bringing you a magical week of heart opening and soul directed experiences.

Together we will voyage to the depth and breadth of possibilities to ignite the next level of the creation of YOU in the fullness of your divine reality.

  • Unwrap the package of the gift of you!

  • See your life through the looking glass of imagination

  • Uncover the value of a collective expression

  • Relish the time and space to focus on and replenish what is most meaningful to you

  • Journey to your inner universe to discover a rich, reward-filled sanctuary for all of your creations

  • Imagine what it would be like, while savouring the beauty and flair of Spain and its magical culture, to bring forth the best of that magnificent landscape within, generated by spirit’s ever-expanding hand upon the texture of your beautiful life

  • This is the adventure you are about to embark upon with us!


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