Spring Sale

April 15th–May 31st, 2020

To assist you in this uncertain time
and fuel your creative, sovereign fire during this “sacred pause”
we have deeply discounted one-on-one sessions and recordings!

And as our way of saying thank you and giving back, we are donating a portion of each sale to FeedingAmerica.org to help those in greatest need at this time.

You deserve to always have what you need, when you need it, in a way that works for you with grace and ease, especially considering the financial constraints that are upon us right now as we navigate this portal to whole new ways of being as a planet, with much greater financial fluidity for all, not just a few.

It is so important that we take care of ourselves in royal ways at this time.

There is no shortage of information for us to take in, conversations to be had, and people to assist.

This is designed by spirit as a time for you, yes, to be mindful of so many who are struggling, and to feel deep appreciation for those who are on the front lines of making sure our world and health stay alive and well.

At the same time it is essential for you to ”put your oxygen mask on first” so that you aren’t continuing on the overwhelm cycle of fear; putting out for others to make you feel better, or merely gathering information and listening to endless podcasts to see what you believe about all that is going on.

It is time to put attention on what you want to create that is being birthed during this time, from the inside out.

How are you using this sacred pause to build your connection, spiritual resources and sovereign power to live from brand new ways that WILL create the new world we have dreamed of?

I so celebrate all you are doing and am here to assist you to be all that you can be in claiming your true authority and sense of deep alignment, wisdom and clarity.

You are on the leading edge of this movement of awakening we are in.

Here are grand opportunities at affordable prices for you to move out of the old programs within that are holding you back to embody your divinity in all ways possible!


Here are the offerings from my heart to yours:

One-on-one private sessions including 45-minute sessions for the first time!


Akashic Record Soul Reading and Clearing

The Akashic Records documents the patterns your soul is carrying that may currently inhibit you. These inhibiting patterns have come with your Soul into this incarnation, acquired in other lifetimes or other dimensions that your soul has existed in.

This work clears the patterns that are in your soul memory bank that limit you in your soul purpose and fulfillment and opens your soul destiny plans.

The soul level clearing also immediately translates into the physical, mental and emotional levels of your present experience.

This soul reading describes your soul essences, purposes, gifts, and challenges. We will look in detail at your soul’s beginnings, heritage, families, and home worlds, as well as how all of this pertains to your present incarnation with its challenges and the contracts and agreements you have with those you value.

A Soul Reading and Clearing will:

  • Bring forward your soul gifts, strengths, and purposes
  • Clear the patterns on your soul that keep you from your life fulfillment
  • Discover your soul heritage, home worlds, and the nature of your soul family
“Susann’s work has given me such incredible insight and understanding of where I truly come from and what my soul purpose is, unlike any other work I have done over the past 10 years. It is both fascinating and liberating, and cannot wait to explore more of her work. Talk about coming home!” ~ Jo Muir, Adelaide, Australia”
“I want to recommend Susann and her sessions including Akashic Record readings. Everybody who decides to take such services expects two things: accurate information and life improvement. Susann delivers both in just one session. I felt a huge improvement and a much better understanding of my own life after doing a soul clearing with her. Thank you, Susann!” ~ Mariusz Kozlowski, Poland


Akashic Record Soul Reading and Clearing 45-minute Session
Akashic Record Soul Reading and Clearing 45-minute Session
A 45-minute private session to clear patterns in your soul memory bank that limit you in your soul purpose and fulfillment opening your soul destiny plans. This clearing also immediately translates into the physical, mental and emotional levels of your present experience. (Spring 2020 Sale)
Price: $200.00
Price: $99.00


Intuitive Counseling for the Heart and Soul

Art of Greg MartinI will access the Akashic Records of your soul to assist you to release anything that is holding you back, stuck, or in fear at this time. Anger and grief are also welcome. This includes physical as well as emotional limitations you are experiencing. Together we will access divine resources to give you what you need to move forward into creating a foundation for the next steps in your life. Together we will hear what your guidance collective wants to offer you for the way through and the way ahead to brighter days. They are coming! This is a powerful transition time moving into whole new possibilities for you. Yes, you. This is time to tune into the coherency of spirit’s wisdom for you.

Bring anything you wish to shift, let go of, or open. Nothing is too big or small for our guidance collective to work with.

We will:

  • Get to the core of your challenges at the soul level
  • Come back to your divine sovereign self that knows with clarity and strength how to navigate the portal that you are moving through
  • Draw in the power of Love that is here to guide you
  • Gather the compassionate, generous support that greets you now
“I just wanted to share my positive experience and session with Susann. I was suffering from a variety of emotional and spiritual issues, which were very difficult. I booked my session and feel alive again! I feel hopeful, open and at peace. I know that there’s a safe place in working with Susann and my soul loved the healing. Grateful to say the least!” ~ Jessica
“I am so grateful for my session with Susann today. After YEARS of working on my issues she found the piece I needed that no one else has ever been able to get to. I am free to live my multidimensional self in my body here on earth. Feels great. Thank you Susann!” ~ Asa, Sweden
“After a short session with Susann, I felt like a new person. I was amazed at the level of understanding she had. She cleared the soul contracts that were blocking me. I am now free to be here as the Love I am. All that I desire will come from the Infinite Love I have within me. Bless you Susann!” ~ Barbara Lee, Australia


Intuitive Counseling for the Heart and Soul - 45-minute Session
Intuitive Counseling for the Heart and Soul - 45-minute Session
A 45-minute private session to give you what you need to move forward in creating a foundation for the next steps in your life. (Spring 2020 Sale)
Price: $200.00
Price: $99.00


Workshop recordings picked just for you!


Ignite Your Intuition: The Voice of Your Soul

In this ever-changing time of great unknown, what is the one thing we each inherently carry that we can trust
to guide us in our life?

Our intuition!

Finding what is true for you in this field of so many opinions and beliefs about what is best for you can be difficult to sort out.

Knowing how to access your divine wisdom, unique to your path and purpose is essential to feel your true sense of wholeness.

This course shows you how to use your intuition as the key for the manifestation of your soul gifts.

  • Gain simple, profound methods to access your intuitive guidance to bring you clarity, direction, support and unconditional love
  • Receive clear communication from your guides that you can trust
  • Learn how to discern which messages are true and which are not
  • Unblock the fear keeping you from trusting and using your intuition
  • Practice manifesting from the level of your true purpose
  • Experience clear direction in daily and life long choices
“Since your “Ignite Your Intuition – The Voice of Your Soul Workshop, I have made very powerful choices and with each step my confidence grows.” ~ Michael Croniak
“Coming out of your amazing course experience, I was working with buying a house. I approached it in a whole new way and of course it all worked out! Bottom line: I honored my choices and stood up for what I wanted in a very calm, divinely rooted place.” ~ Kara
Ignite Your Intuition - The Voice of your Soul (MP3)
Ignite Your Intuition - The Voice of your Soul (MP3)
The foundational course on how to use your intuition as the key for the manifestation of your soul gifts. 3-hour training. MP3 Instant Download.
Price: $197.00
Price: $25.00

Advanced Ignite Your Intuition: The Voice of Your Soul
Expanded Tools for Intuitive Connectedness

This training is for those who know you are intuitive and use it currently and want to take your capacity to live in this intuitive wisdom to a large, expanded new level of connection and communion.

Take your intuition to a whole new level with these advanced tools for everyday clarity.

Susann’s guides carry a deep, trustworthy and sacred wisdom of love. During this special class they come forward to deliver potent insights and the means for you to have your deepening relationship with the voice of your soul through your guides.

The participants who have taken this course experienced a profound level of connection, communion and enhanced personal perception of spirit revelation through them.

The course enhances your abilities to be clear with your intuitive guidance and help you release the soul level fears that keep you from trusting your inner navigation system. 

“Understanding your soul’s purpose and identity gives an instant awareness of the “why” of the choices and events of your life. Susann’s course gives instant recognition in an amazing wave of remembrance. Suddenly it all makes sense. You then move forward in your life with a wonderful sense of purpose, completeness, peace, and joy.” ~ Elvira
“The guidance Susann offered was high level information that gave me a more expansive understanding of the human/spiritual journey, yet also practical to use in everyday life. It continually brought me home to who I truly am and I now have more resources to live the life I want to live. I am seeing results in my health, business and personal life. From a technical point of view, I appreciate how the sessions were easy to access and download. Thank you for this most treasured gift of Love.” ~ Mary
Advanced Ignite Your Intuition - The Voice of your Soul (MP3)
Advanced Ignite Your Intuition - The Voice of your Soul (MP3)
Take your intuition to a whole new level with these advanced course tools for everyday clarity. 4-hour training. MP3 Instant Download.
Price: $197.00
Price: $25.00


Strengthen Your Guided Connection
in this Time of Accelerated Fear and Change

Navigate this juncture with grace, compassion and strength of heart

An 8-Day Immersion just held from April 2 – April 9, 2020.
Its information is pertinent to where we are today.

At this significant time the very core of our sense of well being has become impacted in deep ways. Disruption
of life as we know it is creating immense uncertainty in our human capacities.

At this unprecedented time in history our survival fears are being challenged; our concerns around outer power and control, and the sense that there is an invisible enemy, are surfacing for transformation, to name a few dominant ones.

What is needed now is a tremendous infusion of the spiritual resources that are on the front lines with us. What is needed right now is a greater sense of that connection living and breathing through us. That is our true way to navigate huge transformation. That is the true way for us to feel the assurance of safety and security we long for.

Your connection, with its divine wisdom, and clarity of creative direction in each moment holds the key to a love filled knowing of safety, and security, which generates the true immune booster for stability in this sea of unknown.

Together let’s amplify this means for substantial health and true prosperity, as the systems change on all levels because of this.

Strengthen Your Guided Connection in this Time of Accelerated Fear and Change was designed to help you:

  • Deeply receive the gold of spirit’s blessing, upliftment and wisdom.
  • Enhance your faith in life.
  • Expand our capacity to hear at all levels what is available for us for our individual and collective purposes.
  • Release the fears that keep you from hearing your highest self and its gifts for you.
  • Discover how to handle isolation and loneliness.
  • Liberate the patterns of control and distorted power that have had a grip on us.
  • Discover how to not only raise your vibration and vitality but also strengthen your ability to know spirit’s hand is in every aspect of your life.

This is an overall system cleanse we are moving through as a world, and this is your opportunity to cleanse those fears from long ago that are being held now, once and for all. The time is ripe for it.

“I do feel more relaxed, open, & confident to keep leaning in to the unknown, & limitless possibilities. The greatest gift to me in the class was the attention given to our inherent value…choosing to know that I am valuable. I think our success in all areas of life is reflected in this knowing. It gives us that extra strength, courage, & power to create anything we desire.” ~ Aliandra
“I so learned to just relax, soften, allow for newness and know that it is safe to completely let go of everything! What falls away will be exactly what needs to at this time. With complete trust, awareness and knowing it’s an inside job (no judgement) the newness can rush in to fill the vacuum/ void. Excellent!” ~ Sara
MP3 RECORDINGS: Strengthen Your Guided Connection in this Time of Accelerated Fear and Change
MP3 RECORDINGS: Strengthen Your Guided Connection in this Time of Accelerated Fear and Change
All MP3 Recordings from the 8-Day Immersion to navigate this historic time with grace, compassion, and strength of heart.
Price: $33.00


Build the Bridge from Loss to Love

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on the world, leaving a lot of loss in its wake. Not only is there incredible loss of life, but also loss of health and finances, loss of jobs and ways of being together and creating our lives on a daily basis.

There is a collective grief we are feeling that the world we knew a month ago is gone forever.

You may even be wonder why you simply feel like crying. That is from the grief I described.

Feelings of loss are with us daily, as the pace of the changing world speeds up. Loss can stem from loss of financial stability and security, a loss of a way of life like we are all experiencing, relationship loss including all types, even a loss of freedom.

You don’t have to handle your losses like a soldier, or one who transcends the human emotional spectrum, or feel isolated because your family or friends don’t know how to truly assist you in building a bridge across the troubled waters of your loss. I know that your process is deeply personal.

As a collective, these are challenging times for us all. It can feel like we’re bombarded by an ongoing cycle of loss, adjustment to the changes they bring, picking ourselves back up again, only to be hit with yet another loss or change. Increasingly, we are faced with the impact of loss on a global scale that’s especially tough on sensitive or spirit-oriented beings. It can be harrowing to feel like we’re in the midst of a “world gone mad.”

Deep loss and subsequent grief can open the heart to an illuminated way of looking at the world, our relationship to it and the people in it. This is particularly poignant and timely in light of the increasing tragedies of loss we’re experiencing as a collective these days.

We all feel the impact of the inordinate amount of suffering that’s occurring on the planet. No one is exempt and no one can live in a bubble anymore.

This course is an opportunity to heal, re-empower, realign and continue to move toward the greater Love and abundance that awaits us all, rather than numbing ourselves in the myriad of ways we are habitually drawn to.

  • Are you ready to find a whole new way to handle the devastating impact that loss and grief has had in your life?
  • Are you done feeling abandonment, resentment, anger or pain that draws you to protect, defend or isolate yourself from love, life and others?
  • Do you want to get to the other side of loss with your heart still available to love?

We can use this time of grief to create space in our hearts to find the inner remedies for these deep inner crises. There is indeed a way through when we see a clear path before us through the eyes of Love.

There is a way to view these challenges and the accompanying emotions as stepping stones to knowing greater Love and prosperity.

It’s never too late to discover the hidden gold in the wound of your losses.

Build the Bridge from Loss to Love Workshop
Build the Bridge from Loss to Love Workshop
As featured on DailyOM. Four (4) hours of healing material to help you move forward with love and understanding. MP3 Instant Download.
Price: $197.00
Price: $25.00

“Your recent courses helped me to remember that as we change our own consciousness we change collective consciousness. The message I got is for all of us who are so brave and courageous to bring more Light and more Love to the planet by examining and changing our beliefs.” ~ Sarah



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