Restore Your Sacred Body Temple to Reclaim Your Divine Vitality

Special Invitation for the
Channeling Spirit Virtual Summit

Everything can change. EVERYTHING.

This is a time for much faster and less complex healing.

Let’s take advantage of this energy.


Physical and emotional challenges take up so much focus and time and energy, cutting off our availability to Light’s abundance.

You are not here to experience pain for life lessons.

Everything we experience of struggle is a result of disconnection from spirit.

Everything can be alchemized easily, as we call in the original blueprint for your sacred body temple.

In this transmutation you free up your body to receive the universal flow of energy you know is here for you.

Your true union – all Light as life – is being directly supported by your universal soul nature, wisdom and the quantum field of infinite divine power.

Turn your feeling that your body in pain is your enemy to feeling that your body is your best friend. It is here to give you access to a life of vitality and abundant experience.

We hold so much emotional trauma in our bodies that shows up in the physical as constriction, immune system weakness, disease and every kind of pain, and so much more, sadly.

2022 is the year for: 

  • Building a whole new foundation for our lives and for the life of the planet.
  • Transmuting the constrictions of these patterns that seem to have a strong hold at their point of origin.
  • Catalyzing a template for the new earth light body in your body temple.
  • Taking the opportunity to have your divine blueprint restored.
  • Navigating the roadmap for your 2022 year to be all that it can be for your dreams to manifest.

During this potent and life-changing 20-day Immersion designed specifically for multidimensional souls like you, expect to:

  • Plug the energy leaks and give you back your divine power source.
  • Open the channels of communication with your beloved body and discover what is there to be transformed in the here and now for all time.
  • Actually feel that your body is a gift to enhance your creative expression.
  • Return to the state of knowing that you are liquid Love in a physical body.

We will dissolve key components of your soul challenges that are residing in your body.

The group energy and the feeling that you are not alone in your struggle will be deeply valuable for whatever you are working with.

During our four (4) session Immersive Event:

  • You will learn how to continue to work with your body and emotional patterns and shift them at a soul level.
  • Your intuition will magically increase so that you can receive rapid assistance from your guidance collective for anything that shows up in your emotional and physical body from this moment forward.
  • You will feel that you are out of the realm of survival because of the pain you are harboring.
  • You can now create whatever you want from the field of infinite possibilities that your body will be bathed in.

The universe is conspiring on your behalf always to bring you to fullness of health, well-being and vital aliveness so that you can live in wholeness of communion with all of your magnificent self operating on all cylinders.


This is your opportunity to release chronic physical and emotional pain
to access your Spirit’s true freedom.


Restore Your Sacred Body Temple to Reclaim Your Divine Vitality

An Immersive Event to get to the root cause
of your limitations and challenges 
and free you up to be all of you. 

Four (4) training call recordings 
with Susann and our collective guidance connection.

This event was originally held from February 25, 2022 – March 16, 2022.


I had been very ill and frustrated …Susann actively and compassionately listened and then actually made sense of my journey here — from my soul’s perspective. I am gaining my health back and my confusion and frustration is pretty much gone. I’d say that the reading you gave me was the beginning of my physical turnaround.” ~ Holly G.
Thank you so much for giving me the inner strength to stop the poverty/fear loop and say yes to what I know is possible. I am on a whole new track.” ~ Sally F.
I really would like to thank you for the wonderful way you guided us through the 21 days of Immersion. My analysis of a problem of my client is more accurate and has less judgment so people are really happy with it. I managed to get a great work assignment. It was not difficult to close the deal and they are really happy with me. This all makes me so happy to genuinely hold my true power.” ~ Mijke


We generate far more receptive space for spirit’s infusion as we transmute patterns bringing the parts of us immersed in the pain alive.

Then whole aspects of our soul and divine nature are free to come into the joy of being whole.

Isn’t that what we want?!

The Restore Your Sacred Body Temple to Reclaim Your Divine Vitality Immersion built for this very purpose for us.

I have noticed in the last number of months especially that challenges in our physical body and the emotional components that come with physical challenges, are surfacing for resolution.

This is the perfect means for remodeling our relationship to our body so we learn how to hear what the body is trying to say to us, to tell us about what it is holding, what it needs, and what it is so ready to let go of.

The Restore Your Sacred Body Temple to Reclaim Your Divine Vitality Immersion will help you discover how to unlock the energy that is binding your life flow.


Let’s integrate your physical and emotional body
with your celestial light flow so every cell in your body is alive with Love.


Restore Your Sacred Body Temple to Reclaim Your Divine Vitality

Original Registration Price $111.00

Special Invitation Price for Channeling Spirit Virtual Summit $47.00


  Four 60-minute MP3 recordings with Susann 

  Downloadable Audio Files so you can listen to the teaching anywhere you go.

  Lifetime Course Access


Restore Your Sacred Body Temple to Reclaim Your Divine Vitality
Restore Your Sacred Body Temple to Reclaim Your Divine Vitality
Four (4) training call MP3s to help you release chronic physical and emotional pain to access your Spirit's true freedom and vitality.
Price: $111.00
Price: $47.00


Thank you again for all the wonderful resources that you are teaching us. They are so valuable to me. It feels like opening a stream of energy, of power that was there all along but remained closed up for all the many reasons we know. And now slowly, it’s being given the permission to come in again, to be grounded in and anchored in again, to be received and merged with again.” ~ Claire from France
What I took away from it is that I can take Eternal Life (and all it is comprised of) with me and create my life from this holy and powerful place instead of thinking I am all alone and “doing” life by myself.  This way puts way too much strain on the will, although the will is very important, but it shouldn’t be expected to do all the work. This is coming from a belief in separation. This is a huge difference in how I have lived my life, although I have prayed and meditated for many years.  Although prayer and meditation has been exceedingly helpful in how I live my life, what you teach is a more intimate, more exact, more specific way to live in connection with the Divine and create from this space.  WOW! Thank you, Susann.” ~ Sarah H
I just want to tell you how greatly I appreciate your guidance through the Immersion. It has given me a new sense of self and an awesome reminder that I am not drifting aimlessly in this human experience. PS: A special thanks for answering ALL my questions.” ~ Rudi