Soul Mastery ~ Advanced Training Course

Soul Mastery ~ Advanced Training Course

Access the Portal for Soul Transformation
With Susann Taylor Shier ~ Founder of Soul Mastery™


Whether you are doing healing work now, or want to work from a true soul level perspective to assist yourself and others, this training is DEFINITELY for you.

I’m thrilled and honored to invite intuitives, healers, transformers, and change agents who are READY TO DIVE DEEP to assist clients and the collective in an immensely meaningful and transformational way.


*OF NOTE: It’s recommended that you have worked with Susann prior to purchasing this course, but it’s not required. Please email us if you have any questions. We’re happy to help!


“I have the Soul Reunion book beside my bed and am inspired by it every morning and night. It is as though you wrote it for me.  I have finally been able to reconnect to my source after 2 years of pain and suffering.  I feel as though I have been re-birthed, and at 63 years of age, ready to begin the next phase of my life as a healer, which I have put on hold as I have gone through this difficult time.  There are 3 clients waiting and my treatment/healing space is being unpacked today.  A new beginning – Thank you, Susann.” – S.S

“Understanding your soul’s purpose and identity gives an instant awareness of the “why” in the choices and events in your life. Working with Susann and her trainings gives instant recognition in an amazing wave of remembrance. Suddenly it all makes sense. You then move forward in your life with a wonderful sense of purpose, completeness, peace and joy.” – E.C


Knowing how to work with the Akashic Record Field, in conjunction with your Soul Groups wisdom and guidance, is the DEEPEST WAY to resolve chronic, deeply embedded and complex patterns that NOTHING ELSE can resolve.


 Through the Akashic Records, learn how to shift soul patterns that began even before we started having earth incarnations.

 Uncover inherent soul family challenges so you can use this knowledge and wisdom to help others in your healing practice.

 Feel confident leading clients and loved ones home to the bounty of themselves and their soul purpose.


Understanding the root of the challenges we and others face is GOLDEN. Knowing how to resolve those challenges forever is PRICELESS.



As a student in the Soul Mastery ™ Advanced Training:


  • Attain an even greater depth of knowledge about the characteristics of each of the soul families and home worlds, as outlined in my Soul Mastery ~ Accessing the Gifts of Your Soul book.

  • Learn how soul challenges have a direct correlation to current struggles and limitations and how to eliminate them.

  • Increase your intuitive ability to understand from a soul perspective what you and others are working with when triggers arise.

  • Master the art of healing without taking on others’ energies.

  • Discover the secret of being compassionate versus empathic.

  • Live from the knowledge and guidance of your soul to assist those in your professional and personal life.



  A FREE CONSULTATION to fuel and implement your plans moving forward.


  A FREE eBook of Soul Mastery ~ Accessing the Gifts of Your Soul.


  A personalized TRAINING CERTIFICATE to support your professional credentials.


“When I heard from Susann where my soul was birthed, trained and given life, it felt like a homecoming. It felt as if someone deep inside me said, “Yes, it is okay to be you.” Experiencing Susann’s Soul Mastery Training workshop was one of those imbedded “now” moments that I know was part of my destiny.” – D.H

“Susann’s work brought me into a deep connection with my resources of wisdom and inner guidance as I had never experienced so profoundly. These resources are alive and flourishing now in my daily life.” – C.S


Claim YOUR place of mastery and reunion. Be a portal for soul transformation.

Ultimate reunion with the very best your soul purpose can offer is NOW POSSIBLE – for you, your clients and your loved ones.


Soul Mastery Advanced Training Program
An advanced training to understand the soul challenges of each of the soul worlds based on the Akashic Records. Includes 4 Hours of Training, Certification, Follow-Up Guidance and MORE.
Price: $249.00