Home & Property Clearings

Home And Property Clearings

This is a remote House and Property clearing. Susann will clear your space no matter where you live or work.

Protect your home, land, or workplace by clearing interfering energies in each location. Locate and clear past or present life energies in the space around you that can affect you with blocked or restricted energy flow.

This is a deep clearing that works with your Akashic Field and the field of your property. This house, property and building clearing of your choice works to release entities, ghosts, and other manners of energies that disturb your sacred space.

The clearing closes portals and any other openings allowing disruption to our sense of well-being and power. In office buildings or schools that your children attend, the property and buildings can be cleared to allow all to feel safe from negative energy.

EMF – Electro Magnetic Fields

Our appliances emit an electro magnetic field which can extend throughout the room. These EMFs have been proven to cause illness and dis-ease. Spiritually clearing these energies can improve your health and comfort level.

House Won’t Sell?

If your house is filled with negative energy from other owners or those who have come into your house, it can sit on the market instead of selling. Having a house and property clearing will remove all levels of unwanted energies so the house will sell quickly.

This 30 minute session includes placement of protective spheres to shield from negative energies and increase the divinity of the space around you.


PRIOR TO THE SESSION, Susann will look up your Akashic Records to receive the information to address your specific needs. An MP3 recording will emailed to you following the session.


Building And Property Clearing
Building And Property Clearing
Protect your home, land, or workplace in this 30 minute session with Susann.
Price: $99.00

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