Immersion In Love and Prosperity Course


Immersion In Love and Prosperity ~ You Can Have It All!



If you felt called to attend our incredible 21 Day Immersion In Love and Prosperity Online Retreat but you couldn’t join us live, we have some wonderful news!

We’re offering all of the Immersion sessions and daily meditation activities to work with on your OWN SCHEDULE.


Receive 21 days worth of mp3 recordings, including 5 pre-recorded sessions, wisdom and intuitive guidance for Susann and her  Beloveds, plus meditative journeys from the field of Love & Prosperity to manifest success in your everyday life!


This is indeed a BOUNTY of nourishment and tools to catalyze your confidence and courage and sense of soulful security in your inherent gifts, soul strengths and purpose.



The 21-Day Immersion In Love and Prosperity gives you the means to engage with the deepest, most PROFOUND RESOURCES of your soul to live from the most clear, joy-filled connection available. 


Expect to Dissolve at a Soul Level:


teal checkmark 2  Your deep seated fears of success

teal checkmark 2  Your cloaks of invisibility

teal checkmark 2  Your contracts that hold you back from being bold, bright you

teal checkmark 2  Your resistance to change

teal checkmark 2  Your fear of taking on others energies, that keeps you from accessing what you love

teal checkmark 2  Your fear of shining in the world

teal checkmark 2  Your fear of the unknown

teal checkmark 2  Exactly what’s in the way of you being abundantly alive and abundant in ALL ways


“Infinite Love has guided me through this tribe of 21 days of Immersion In Love and Prosperity
and I can categorically say that I feel Blessed to have been given this opportunity! Thank you to Susann and her Guidance Collective!”


“I will forever bless the day I signed up for this 21 Day Immersion and I believe everyone who took part in this course has benefited as much as me.”


Directly experience your TRUE PROSPEROUS nature that knows:


  • Love and Prosperity as your infinite self

  • How to hold pure Love in your heart at all times

  • How to be in all relationships from Love

  • What it feels like to fully prosper here and now

  • How to courageously create what you love

  • How to be brave, assured, clear and strong while being heart-centered, loving peaceful and nurturing.

  • You CAN have it ALL!


“With Total Blessings to Susann, The Collective and everyone who contributed in which ever way possible to make this 21 days memorable in my life. Love reigns supreme in my world!”


Watch the old paradigms wash away as the new paradigm and operating system fueled by Love and prosperity emerges in all its glory with you fully thriving!

Each experiential teaching session will build harmoniously upon the last, so that you’ll develop a complete, understanding of the tools and resources you’ll need to illuminate and maintain a consistent connection to Love and Prosperity.

Here are a few examples of what our Immersion in Love and Prosperity participants experienced:

  • Their house selling and then landing a terrific real estate deal.

  • Upgraded a whole new job she had been wanting for a few years – she’s now working for Google.

  • Got crystal clear about a physical move she’s going to make.

  • Was hired as a part-time Director of Children’s Ministry at the local church. She knows this new job is the richest position for her creation, allowing her to do what is in her heart and soul in a supportive community.

These are just some of the VERY REAL results when Love & Prosperity are embodied for 21 Days.


“Although, I came in to immerse myself with Infinite Love and Prosperity, I have also benefited
from a romance love issue which had been clouded over me since I got married as a teenager!”


What You’ll Master In 21 Days:


teal checkmark 2 How to immerse yourself in Love, prosperity, joy, peace, and magic – easily!

teal checkmark 2 Know success and fulfillment in the most expansive and deepest way possible.

teal checkmark 2 Gain confidence to shine in the world.

teal checkmark 2 Feel brightly prosperous – your world reflects your full-blossom radiance in magnificent ways!

teal checkmark 2  Create the NEW YOU that’s happy, successful, and fulfilled.


Launch into the Springtime of NEW YOU and NEW BEGINNINGS

Experience Deep and Abiding Connection to Your Intuitive Guidance



“Thank you from the depths of my heart for your gift of guidance, wisdom, and Love that you shine. The messages were beyond incredibly helpful. I wish I could tell you about everything! I feel that I’m standing firm and tall in a strong energy field. I feel this from head to toe and my abdomen and womb of creation are feeling this, especially as I write about it.”

“To date, this was the deepest, most profound and light filled Immersion we have ever had. We really blew our minds and rocked our worlds in the best way possible, igniting a whole new life of connection to Love and all Prosperity. We built the confidence to be truly magnetic to all we wish to co-create with Spirit’s vastness and authentic power.”



21 Day Immersion In Love and Prosperity Course
Experience deep and abiding connection to your intuitive guidance to activate SOULFUL SUCCESS. Includes 5 session recordings, daily meditations and exercises.
Price: $297.00
Price: $119.00


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