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“Susann, I’m really enjoying your emails. My path aligns with these ideas, and as I take better care of and honor myself, and take risks, to fly, the universe is supporting me. Your reminders, insights, and inspiration are fantastic and appreciated!” -Donna

“I just had to let you know how much I appreciate your insights and wisdom. You give and give of yourself, perhaps not knowing how much you are received by those of us ‘out there.’ So I want to assure you that I(and no doubt countless others) am nourished and uplifted by what you share …that each Tuesday, as I open your email, I feel like I’m opening a gift…that I am truly and deeply grateful. Thank you, Susann! With a heart-full of gratitude.” -Susan


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“Thank you Susann, for your weekly wonderful shared insights. You are appreciated!” -Anuket


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