Soul Reunion

Soul Reunion Book Cover

The Return Home From Separation

My newest book in the Soul Mastery Trilogy

Reunion with the Divine is our purpose
Embodiment of that union is our fulfillment

Soul Reunion, The Return Home From Separation – your means to be moved from stress and hopelessness to freedom and source guidance in every part of you.

Soul Reunion will help you to creatively work with the pesky emotions that surface in us.

These reoccurring patterns make us think that we can’t have the life of our dreams – whether it be in love, health, abundance, or any form of heart success and fulfillment.

Through your experience with Soul Reunion, The Return Home From Separation book, you will know how to bring the gift of union with Spirit to your challenges and limitations in your body and emotional realm.

You will learn how to expand your capacity to connect with and receive the magnificence of your soul’s multidimensional universal nature.

Magnify your embodiment of Spirit’s wealth and make it the blueprint for your life.

Our deepest longing is to be in union with infinite Love, held by the Beloved.

  • This is your opportunity to heal the wounds within you that prevent you from having that true longing fulfilled.
  • Open your heart and soul to listen and be with each aspect of you that wants to move out of separation and find its way home to your deepest heart and soul expression.
  • Love yourself enough to give yourself and every precious part of you the gift of union with the universal heart of Love.
  • Reclaim life over fear in your bodies, minds and heart as you create a partnership with the Divine instead of with separation.
  • The joy of experiencing union with infinite Love in your sacred heart and fullness of being: this is truly knowing home.

If you’re moved by what Soul Reunion: The Return Home from Separation brings to you, be sure to check out these complementary books of the trilogy!:  Soul Mastery: Access the Gifts of Your Soul and Soul Radiance: Bring Your Soul Riches to Life.



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Soul Reunion Book
The Return Home From Separation. Softcover, 182 pages. Please know that we only ship within the United States.
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The Return Home From Separation. PDF, 182 pages (instant download).
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Soul Reunion Workshop
Heal the wounds within you that prevent you from having your true longings fulfilled. 2 Hours of MP3 Material. Instant Download.
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