Soul Radiance

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Bring Your Soul Riches to Life

Deepen communication with your soul and engage wholeheartedly in a soul-directed life

What if your longings and desires were the voice of your soul, calling you to reunite with its unique riches and the pool of universal abundance it is connected to? What if your yearnings and urges were actually your soul’s own personal GPS, guiding and navigating you towards your life purpose and fulfillment?

Everyone has a Soul-Essence, which inherently holds the resources needed to manifest a meaningful and prosperous life. Soul Radiance shows, step by step, how to take this journey to the Soul-Essence and retrieve the treasures that are yours. Using a guided meditation at the end of this book you will travel to this sacred place. With each journey, an exquisitely magical, love-filled, and deeply satisfying resource floods in, bringing exactly what is needed to embody what your heart and Soul long to experience.

Your soul loves to take you where you long to be. It has everything you could ever imagine within its reach. So isn’t it wise, practical and empowering to get in touch with the gifts of your soul?

Come alive to the power and passion of your magnificent Self.

Soul Radiance, Bring Your Soul Riches to Life is born of fifteen years of successfully assisting thousands of people to connect with their Soul-Essence and transform their lives. It is an ongoing evolution of the material explored in Susann’s first book, Soul Mastery: Accessing the Gifts of Your Soul. Included in Soul Radiance are twenty sessions that describe individuals’ personal experience of taking a journey to the Soul-Essence and discovering how that transforms their life very directly and potently. Topics focus on money, health, relationship, purpose, life transitions and the body.

This book will give sacred meaning to your everyday life, so you can step into your world with confident radiance and be in love with life itself.

Here’s what Soul Radiance can give you:

Part One

  • To Be in Love with Life Itself
  • Intuition: The Voice of the Soul
  • Fulfilling Your Soul’s Longings
  • My Soul’s Journey

Part Two

  • Journeying To Your Soul-Essence
  • The Soul Journey
  • A Journey
  • The Process
  • Anchoring and Sanctifying Your Journey
  • To Live in the Heart of God
  • A Collection of Soul Journeys
    • Sessions on Money
      • Allowing Money to Give You the Power to Create
      • Recognizing Money as a Quality of Life
    • Sessions on Power
      • Being In Command of My Life
      • Acknowledging the Power to Be Myself
    • Sessions on Love
      • Getting to Higher Love
      • Abiding with Home and Family
    • Knowing True Relationship with Love
      • Singing Your Heart Song
      • Longing for Sacred Union
      • Finding My Beloved
    • Sessions on Transitions
      • Meeting Our Crossroads in Life
      • Making Career Choices
    • Sessions on the Body
      • Having Real Soul Food
      • Being Free to Live Fully
      • Accessing Resources for True Aliveness
      • Moving From Pain to Pleasure
      • Having a True Life Support System
    • Sessions on Creativity
      • Knowing the Freedom to Create
      • Living From Limitless Possibilities
    • Sessions on Life Purpose
      • Finding My Life Purpose

Part Three

  • Tools for Reunion
    • Guided Meditation for a Soul Journey
    • Creating a Soul Radiance Timeline
    • Reconnection Through the Heart
    • Give It To God Process
  • Conclusion
    • Global Radiance
  • About the Author


If you’re moved by what Soul Radiance – Bring Your Soul Riches to Life brings to you, be sure to check out these complementary books of the trilogy!: Soul Mastery: Access the Gifts of Your Soul and Soul Reunion: The Return Home from Separation.







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