Mediumship Sessions


Connect with your loved ones who have passed away


I am a psychic medium. I tune into the energy surrounding a person who lives in the spirit world. I deliver messages to you from people who are no longer living.

Your loved ones who have passed away convey through my heart and consciousness thoughts and feeling that come as hearing, seeing, feeling or a “knowing” of these souls that we wish to communicate and commune with.

I act as the bridge between the spiritual and the physical world, with the intention of healing both worlds through our deeper connection with those we love, who are no longer with us in our physical life.

I so understand the hardship of the loss of those we love. I have lost most of my family members, which has called me to learn to connect and communicate with them so I can feel and know my family in spirit in their ongoing love and support.

These experiences have opened my heart wide to the depth of Love that is available for us from not only our guides and angels and all Spirit but also those we have known here that exist on the other side.

Spirit has given me many tools to help others bridge our spiritual and physical worlds and help release the emotional bondage that keeps us from feeling the glorious presence of those we may continue to be fed by even though they are not in physical form.

This ability to know how a loved one is doing is so valuable. Communing heart to heart is priceless. Connecting soul to soul is a treasure chest you deserve to have opened. Your loved ones have so much they want to share with you!


In a mediumship session there are many possibilities for what can be opened and experienced:


  • See how your loved one is doing.
  • Understand more about the path of their death and crossing over process.
  • Heal lingering, unresolved patterns between you.
  • Receive messages from your loved ones.
  • Establish the new relationship being developed now for the two of you.
  • Open the door to those who wish to be a beacon or guide for you in your current life.
  • Feel the unconditional love of their presence in your life and know they are always with you.


Give your heart the gift of this beloved connection to those you care about, who want to be an ongoing source of love and inspiration.


Mediumship is available as both a 30 and 60 minute session.  A recording of the session will be provided to you.


Mediumship Session - 30 Minutes
Connect soul to soul and communicate with someone who has passed. A recording of our call will be emailed to you.
Price: $175.00

Mediumship Session - 60 Minutes
Connect soul to soul and communicate with someone who has passed. A recording of our call will be emailed to you.
Price: $275.00


AFTER YOU REGISTER FOR A SESSION please contact Susann to set up your session time. Please mention time frames that work for you and your time zone.

* I request a 24-hour cancellation policy for our session together. If you need to cancel due to illness or unforseen circumstances that arise, I do understand. This is my way of asking for respect for my professional scheduling and opens the door for mutual respect and my respect for your needs and fulfillment.