Home, Building and Property Clearings

May 1st–31st, 2020

Reading and clearing your soul is Susann’s specialty.

The next step in bringing forth your soul in all its radiance, potency and fulfillment comes when you clear the home and dwellings that you spend time in to nurture and support your life flow.

This is your opportunity to clear and refresh the space that supports your soul’s journey. This is a remote process. Susann works from her home to clear your home, building or property. It can be done for any space in the world.

So much appreciation for the property clearing you did for us yesterday, I feel like its a HUGE thing and a wonderful support.  A shiny townhome has come to mind.” ~ Carolyn D.

Your home is designed to be your sanctuary. Your home is the surround for your soul. It holds the immediate container for your soul’s expression in this physical world.

If your home is filled with old energies and negative influences you will not feel at home or that you can come to rest. And if you work out of your home space, you will not feel as motivated and productive with disruptive energies crowding the space.

“Things here feel absolutely AMAZING. So beautiful. I am SO grateful. Thank you Susann!” ~ Becky

You do not have to own the house or building to have it cleared. You can be renting the space or temporarily in it, as is the case in a work place.

The clearing of a home and property is a soul level Akashic Record reading and clearing. This is a Remote Home, Building and Property Clearing. My Akashic Record Keepers and I can clear your space no matter where you live or work.

“”Wow! When I came home tonight the air was full of fragrance. It was amazing. I am sure the flower scent was sharing with me the joy of the Akashic record space reading and clearing you and the beings did. I am so grateful and happy inside of me and am radiating that out now to all of you and the sweet Heaven on Earth paradise here. Much appreciation and joy!” ~ Colleen BW

This is a deep clearing that works with your Akashic Field and the field of your property. This house, property and building clearing of your choice works to release entities, ghosts, poltergeists, gateways and gatekeepers and all manner of energies that disturb your sacred space.

If you are finding that:

  • You feel yourself becoming energetically sensitive to the place where you are living or working.
  • The space just doesn’t feel settled or you sense disruptive energies that are not yours around you.
  •  You have just moved in and want to clear the energies of previous residents.
  •  You are wanting to sell your property and having difficulty doing so.

For these reasons or your own personal reasons, doing a property clearing can make a big difference in how you feel in the spaces you spend time in.

Protect your home, land, or workplace by clearing interfering energies in each location. Locate and clear past or present life energies in the space around you that can affect you with blocked or restricted energy flow.

“After your house cleaning for my parents’ home, my mother began to recover physically within a day after the clearing. She began to sleep peacefully. And she doesn’t remember the last time she had felt this good and slept that well. After clearing her market spot, where she sells clothes and its surroundings, “my sales transformed drastically, like night turns to day.” It has brought my parents so much joy and hope. They are deeply thankful to you for your help!” ~ Natalia
“After the house clearing, for the first time in years, we organized our finances, which took more than 16 hours to do, that’s how much of a mess they were in. We now have a budget and the full picture of what to do and how much we need. It is remarkable, how things started transforming in major ways. We barely argue, even our three children. It feels so peaceful here. Thank you! And God bless!” ~ Natalia

The Home and Property Clearing:

  • Closes portals and any other openings that allow disruption to our sense of well-being and power.
  • Locates and clears past or present life energies in the space around you that can affect you with blocked or restricted energy flow.
  • Applies to a full quarter mile radius around the property of your choice.

A binding energy is provided to disallow any negative energy to enter in again while it increases the space of sacred divine connection around you.

This binding is a universal dimension of love, light and truth that cannot be penetrated.

***For office buildings you work in or schools that your children attend, the property and buildings can be cleared to allow all to feel safe from negative energy.

“I was dreading going to work and I felt like my relationships with fellow workers was way less than desirable. After a short session with Susann, everything was turned around. Going to work now felt safe and happy, appreciated and respected for my work and who I am. I could get on with my job with calm and joy. Magical. Thank you so much Susann!” ~ Shirley, Australia

House Won’t Sell?

Whether you own the property or you are a realtor, if your house is filled with negative energy from other owners or those who have come into your house, it can sit on the market instead of selling. Having a house and property clearing will remove all levels of unwanted energies so the house will sell quickly.

Remote Home, Building and Property Clearing Details:

  • This is a remote session that includes Susann and the Akashic Record Beings that work with physical and energetic spaces.
  • This means that she can work with any location You just need to state the address and a bit of detail about the nature of your property. (apartment complex, single dwelling home, in the country or right in downtown Boston, etc.)
  • Susann will look into the Akashic Records to receive the wisdom and information to address your specific needs for your home, building or property.
  • Susann will send you an email to let you know that the clearing is done and will include an audio recording of what has been found and released.
“Susann has been doing energy work with me for years to make sure the retreats I do as my business are the best possible. She clears EVERYTHING and it makes a remarkable difference. People have a much better time and are safer and more relaxed and i can feel this enveloping energy that her angels send ahead of and all the way through. I love it! She even covers travel and the VERY BEST part is that she can influence the weather for us! She has moved hail storms and rain to other times that work better for us. I am totally impressed and grateful. I highly recommend her for all your group needs. Don’t leave home without her!” ~ Colleen Canon / Women’s Quest

Happy home. Happy heart! 

Blessings to all the spaces you generate life in for yourself and your family.

Building And Property Clearing
Building And Property Clearing
Clear your home, land, or workplace in this remote session with Susann.
Price: $200.00
“Thank you for your clearing. The next day after you did this (Thursday) my cleaner decided she didn’t want to clean my house any more!! She sent me a text and wouldn’t talk on the phone or even meet me face to face! And the interesting thing was that someone else offered to clean my house on Tuesday before she resigned! Very powerful clearing. Thank you very much.” ~ Ally

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  1. Hello Susann,

    You are embodying the qualities of a Practical Mystic! Wow!

    I appreciate your Wisdom and Love for the Earth Star and Humanity

    Precious Warrior of Crystalline Light!

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