Susann’s Online Community

A sanctuary of guidance and support
to bring forth your extraordinary self

~ A supportive community to embrace and empower you to take the next valuable steps in your life

~ A foundational platform for deep transformation of body, heart and soul

~ An oasis where you’ll feel seen and understood, witnessed and honored

~ A safe space for your personal concerns and questions to be answered

~ A secure place to release your deepest wounds with safety, ease and grace 

~ A sanctuary to nourish, replenish and feel uplifted

Every Month You’ll Receive …

Live Personal Soul Readings

Guided Journey Meditations

Monthly Energy Updates

Channeled Wisdom

Live Q & A Sessions


Have You Ever Thought …


“I want to live from a sense of purpose and feel valuable.”

“I want to know how to navigate my life now, in simple ways that are personal to my situation and concerns.”

“I want to feel supported in what I am dealing with and to know I’m not alone.”

“I would love to feel that my heart and soul can guide my life.”

“I would love to transform my chronic physical and emotional patterns without hours of therapy.”

“I would love to have ongoing wisdom to know how to interface with the current energies and themes arising in the world.”

This is my personal invitation to YOU ~ from my heart to yours.

In the video below, learn about all you’ll receive as a Soul Circle Community Member.

Journey with me and a community of soul family members in a sacred circle to enrich your heart, expand your spirit’s riches and commune with Love on an ongoing basis.

Together, we’ll open the vortex of our potential in quantum leaps and reclaim the parts of ourselves that are ready to come HOME.

The Sacred Soul Circle is …

A home base to expand your connection, your intuitive wisdom, and your psychic awareness

A sanctuary space where those of you who know you have other world origins, cosmic connections, and universal dimensions of home you hold near and dear, will find a safe place not only to land but feel seen and understood

A magical realm to hone your intuition and inspire your greater guidance

A sacred container to honor and expand your soul gifts and purposes

A playing ground to magnify your capacity to thrive and create from joy

A safe haven where your voice can be heard – for your voice matters

This is the means to bring in a tremendous reservoir of energies pouring in from our galaxy into a vortex container to receive, build and fuel your life and creations.

Both independent free spirits and those who seek a deeper community-based experience are welcome here! I honor your authentic self and its natural means of expression. 

Praise for Susann's Work

  • I finally feel seen, understood and heard! This call brought forth more than I ever knew I needed or wanted to understand. It was like a homecoming in so many ways.

  • I do a meditation every day and consciously bring in my multi-dimensional self as you taught me. I can now go in public or even deal with what I call “energy vampires” without any trouble. I am so grateful to you! Much thanks and blessings.

  • Last July, my body was completely overwhelmed by a mysterious illness. My personal history was free of illness, so it was all a huge shock. I contacted Susann and we had a session. and the next day, I woke to find myself energetic, clear-minded, and much more hopeful. I was myself again, even strong enough to be a bit grumpy, after having lost all my strength and my hope.

  • Who would’ve guessed that someone as kind and lighthearted as Susann had the ability to release the entities that had me feeling tortured nonstop for the past five years. She did it. She is an earth angel powerhouse and me and my family are eternally grateful.

  • I had worked every angle possible, I thought, around the sexual abuse in my childhood. I was ready to consider that I would never feel at home in my own skin. A friend introduced me to Susann, and in a very short time, I actually felt joy in my heart for the first time, and I am available to intimate relationships in a way that I never imagined possible.

  • Susann, since our recent work together, I received three phone calls and I have three clients this week after a long dry spell. I am open to more! Thank you for the support and encouragement.

  • I am still on Cloud 9! It was such a revelation what you told me – I now sleep really well in total trust of my Divine Infinite Love. This morning I felt so light, so full of life and so ready to go out to the world. Thanks to your amazing gift I can see everything more clearly.

  • I want to recommend Susann and her sessions including Akashic Record readings. Everybody who decides to take such services expects two things: accurate information and life improvement. She delivers both in just one session. I felt a huge improvement and a much better understanding of my own life after doing a soul clearing with her. Thank you, Susann!

  • In just one session you gave us our marriage back. It was definitely on the brink…Priceless! We are forever grateful.

    Charlene & Kevin
  • What an amazing shift happened from our call! Twenty minutes later I got a call for an interview from the job I wanted and it feels so right! I will continue to work with the qualities of Spirit that we brought in! Thank you so much Susann for igniting my life movement.

  • Susann’s amazing abilities literally removed a lifelong painful obstruction from my heart and she stopped the intermittent constricting pain I’ve had in my chest since I was a kid, which doctors couldn’t identify or heal. Sessions with Susann are more than they appear.

  • Susann was so affirming of things I have been feeling and thoughts I have myself. It was like a weight lifted to know these ideas are held by others and are their truths as well. Very empowering especially today when my heart was so heavy. Thank You, Thank You.

  • I had been very ill and frustrated since the beginning of the year. It was very healing for me to have someone to talk to who truly understood my soul frustration and confusion. Susann actively and compassionately listened and then actually made sense of my journey here – from my soul’s perspective. I am gaining my health back and my confusion and frustration is pretty much gone. I’d say that the reading you gave me was the beginning of my physical turn around. Thank you!

  • Susann’s work has given me such incredible insight and understanding of where I truly come from and what my soul purpose is, unlike any other work I have done over the past 10 years. It is both fascinating and liberating, and cannot wait to explore more of her work. Talk about coming home!

  • Thank you Susann for your guidance and for being who you are that makes it possible for us to connect deeper to our infinite nature and gifts. Much love and blessings to you.

  • I joined Susann’s sacred circle as I had been experiencing a lot of pain in my arm and elbow. I have worked with Susann in the past and I knew that she could help me. I was feeling at the end of my rope and was overwhelmed with my day job. She soon got to the root of the problem even though it was a group call. Her amazing guidance and warmth allowed me to open up to parts of myself that had been in fear and suffering. All this from a group process and asking one question. How awesome is that? Susann is in her mastery and works easily and effortlessly with her beautiful guides.

  • Thank you again for all the wonderful resources that you are teaching us. They are so valuable to me. It feels like opening a stream of energy, of power that was there all along but remained closed up for all the many reasons we know. And now slowly, it’s being given the permission to come in again, to be grounded in and anchored in again, to be received and merged with again.

    Claire ~ France
  • Since I was 3 1/2 years old I have had miserable times at Christmas due to trauma, but this year feels remarkably different . I have been able to actually enjoy this season with presence, lightheartedness and true freedom. A real first for me! I am so loving how I am now and being open to possibilities of Joy!

  • I joined Susann’s Sacred Circle as I had been experiencing a lot of pain in my arm and elbow. I have worked with Susann in the past and I knew that she could help me. Thank you Susann! You contribute so much to the world and beyond I am honored to know you. Everyone needs a Susann in their life.

    Sara Bailey - UK
  • Listening to others on the Sacred Soul Circle call, Susann not only helped everyone get what their soul needed as individuals, but the part of the call where we did a group journey helped us all on so many levels. It was a magnificent and soulful call which I completed feeling refreshed and revitalized. I have repeated the journey and experienced so much more insight and release of the ”old stuff.

  • I love love love our Soul Circle and it has given so much support to me over years! Join us Beloveds.

    Colleen Walsh-Bouman

How does it work? 

With the assistance of my Beloved Guidance Collective, I’ve created this portal for monthly energy updates, mediations, channeling, personal soul readings, tools for navigating our current socio-economical climate, and a question and answer segment designed just for you.


This is a whole new experience launching, unlike anything I have done in the past!


Every month there will be TWO LIVE GROUP CALLS. Each will be recorded for you, so you can energetically participate even if you can’t be on the live calls.

Each Call Includes:

  • Channeled wisdom to navigate the specific energies that are present each month.

  • A guided journey meditation on the theme of the month.

  • Messages from Susann’s guidance collective and the community guidance collective that will form around the group that is present.

  • Personal psychic soul readings to answer your personal questions on anything – from relationships, to finances, work, emotional healing, physical body patterns, and the huge process of planetary change. What matters to you matters to us all.

Each month we have one call at 12 noon PST Thursday and one at 5 pm PST Tuesday.

You can submit your questions ahead via email if you can’t attend a live call!

* REPLAYS of the calls are available right away *

For upcoming dates, please email us at [email protected].

Sacred Soul Circle Annual Membership
Sacred Soul Circle Annual Membership
Sacred Soul Circle Annual Subscription ~ Receive Two Months FREE!
Price: $280.00
Sacred Soul Circle Monthly Membership
Sacred Soul Circle Monthly Membership
Sacred Soul Circle Monthly Subscription ~ A Recurring Payment of only $30 Per Month.
Price: $30.00

*Annual and On-going Monthly Subscribers gain access to our private Member Portal upon receipt of payment.

Please check your order confirmation email for further instructions.

Yet There’s MORE!

With your Monthly or Annual subscription you’ll also receive:


Discounts on Soul Mastery Classes, Immersions and Retreats


Susann’s Popular Soul’s Majesty Meditation Series


Multi-Dimensional Mastery Class Recordings


ALSO, once you sign up you will be guided to a PRIVATE ACCESS PAGE to enjoy call replays, the gifts promised above and ongoing resources! In essence, all you need to thrive as a Sacred Soul Circle Community participant.

Still wondering if Sacred Soul Circle membership is right for you?


  • If you are looking for a safe space where your personal concerns can be address simply and with divine clarity


  • If you wish to receive a psychic soul reading each month


  • If you are ready to go deeper and feel truly excited about what life has to offer


  • If you crave greater connection with the universe, your guidance collective and your soul’s wisdom to assist you in navigating your life


  • If you want to truly embody your authentic, extraordinary nature


  • If you need a space to rest your head, nourish and replenish


Then you’ve arrived at the PERFECT place! 


The Sacred Soul Circle is your means to develop an intimate relationship with the divine as you expand your embodiment of the treasure chest of spirit that you are ~ a gateway to connect deeply with your heart and soul’s guidance.

It’s a powerful community for yourself and others in your soul family who love what you love and know that co-creation magnifies your transformation and fulfillment.

Sacred Soul Circle Annual Membership
Sacred Soul Circle Annual Membership
Sacred Soul Circle Annual Subscription ~ Receive Two Months FREE!
Price: $280.00
Sacred Soul Circle Monthly Membership
Sacred Soul Circle Monthly Membership
Sacred Soul Circle Monthly Subscription ~ A Recurring Payment of only $30 Per Month.
Price: $30.00

* Annual and Ongoing Monthly Subscribers gain access to our Private Member Portal upon receipt of payment.

Please check your order confirmation email for further instructions.