Advanced Akashic Records: The Soul Portrait

Take the next step in working with the bounty available within the powerful Akashic Memory System by enrolling in The Akashic Records Advanced Training: The Soul Portrait.

In this advanced level class, you will learn how to identify Soul GroupsHome WorldsArchangel RealmsSpirit Guides and Soul Contracts for yourself and others.

When you are connected to the Akashic Records, it’s so much easier to access intuitive knowledge that you can count on to be accurate and true. Soul-level knowledge from the Akashic Records also helps immensely with your abilities to do healing work for yourself and for others by tapping into the soul level of any matter at hand.

In this advanced training we:

  • Discuss the inherent nature, gifts and strengths of the Soul Groups, how to identify them and how to know what worlds others are from.
  • Explore the uniqueness and gifts of different Soul groups and home worlds so you may connect with the richness of each world and learn how to access them for yourself and others.
  • Learn which Archangel Realms individuals come from and how to discern and honor that.
  • Work with your personal spirit guides, and learn the nature and number of the spirit guides of others.
  • Identify Soul level contracts that exist for you and others in your life.
  • Utilize powerful tools including the pendulum, muscle testing and your intuitive perceptions to identify Soul Families, Archangel Realms, spirit guides and Soul contracts, for friends, families and clients.

This class is perfect for you if you have worked with my Learn to Read the Akashic Records course material in the past. If the advanced level class content resonates with you but you haven’t yet accessed the enrollment criteria, it’s easy to build a solid foundation and understanding of the Akashic Record Field by exploring my foundational training: Learn to Read the Akashic Records.


Advanced Learn to Read the Akashic Records (MP3)
In this advanced level class, you will learn how to identify Soul Groups, Home Worlds, Archangel Realms, Spirit Guides and Soul Contracts for yourself and others. 5 hours training in mp3 format. Instant download. Supplemental support material is included.
Price: $389.00

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