Akashic Record Past Life Readings

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are an energetic library. They are the records of the knowledge of all souls for all time. In the spiritual world, they hold the record of all events, actions, and feelings that have occurred and will occur. All the information about each of our souls is stored on the Akashic Memory System. This includes its history, training, gifts, strengths, challenges, and even possible future outcomes.

An Akashic Records Past Life reading is an opportunity to look into your past lives and/or past life connection to others in your current life and MUCH MORE.

During an Akashic Records Past Life Reading we can: 

  • Open your Akashic Records to reveal significant past lives.
  • Uncover the dynamics of past life connections in current relationships.
  • Discover the past life roots of patterns that are plaguing you.
  • Explore the nature of contracts you have made in past lives that influence you now.
  • Answer other questions to help you move forward into your best NOW.


“Susann, out of the many healers, I honestly find you to be walking your talk. You truly love and want the best for us. My session with you opened my eyes. My next session is coming very soon. I can’t wait. You are a gem.” – Sarah.
“Susann has been a trusted source for a series of awareness-deepening, horizon-expanding and profound healing experiences. I highly recommend.” – Mary C.


Akashic Record Past Life Journey:

For an Akashic Record Past Life Journey, I will guide you to take a journey to your most recent past life, your most significant past life, or the past life your soul guides you into, to assist you in a current challenge or limiting pattern you are holding in your life now. 


  • Travel to a past life to “see” and experience the root of the issues you are handling in relationship to anything, such as money, motivation, fear, lack of clarity of purpose or direction. Any area you feel stuck in, especially repetitive patterns, usually have deeper soul origins.
  • This is your opportunity to transform these patterns so you may thrive in all that matters to you.
  • A past life journey is a vital tool if you’ve tried to heal an issue in your life but still haven’t found the results you seek. This journey will give you the resources to gain command of your life where you have felt powerless or helpless to change.
  • Past life journeys are extremely valuable in turning around patterns of relationships that are causing you pain today. This can include intimate relationships, family or friends and work relationships that you value.


Your soul is conspiring with all of creation to bring you a life of abundance, love and success. A past life journey is a grand opportunity to restore your connection to the wealth of your soul and its original blueprint.


“I’m extremely blessed to have been guided to you and for all your help. I’ve broken free of my prison and I am reveling in energy as I type.  I feel happiness and relief. I feel free. There is a life for me now.” – Lori K.


Past Life Readings and Journeys are available as a 30 minute or one-hour session, on the phone or in person. Each reading is unique to YOUR soul needs.  The session will be recorded for you.


Akashic Records Past Life Reading/Journey - 30 Minutes
A 30 Minute Past Life Reading or Journey using your unique Akashic Record. A recording of our call will be emailed to you.
Price: $175.00

Akashic Records Past Life Reading/Journey - 60 Minutes
A 60 Minute Past Life Reading or Journey using your unique Akashic Record. A recording of our call will be emailed to you.
Price: $250.00


AFTER YOU REGISTER FOR A SESSION please contact Susann to set up your session time. Please mention time frames that work for you and your time zone.


* I request a 24-hour cancellation policy for our session together. If you need to cancel due to illness or unforseen circumstances that arise, I do understand. This is my way of asking for respect for my professional scheduling and opens the door for mutual respect and my respect for your needs and fulfillment.