Appreciation for Susann …

Coming out of your amazing course experience I approached life in a whole new way. I honored my choices and stood up for what I wanted in a very calm, divinely rooted place. I now feel that ANYTHING is possible as I’m standing in this field of Divinity with Legions of support in all dimensions of time and space with me. I feel strong and courageous.


For many years I have tried to write a personal mission statement. I gave up on it because nothing I wrote resonated with me. I just learned that I am here to ‘breathe Love in spaces where it doesn’t exist’, and create from Light and Love, because Love and Light is all there is. Now, I feel anchored enough in this truth-body to write my personal mission statement. Thank you Susann.

Sarah H

May today remind you of the many hearts and souls you’ve touched, including my own. I still think back to our session and will be forever grateful. Words cannot describe what this means to me. It inspired me to become the man I am today, getting ready to start my own online business and fulfill my mission – like you’re doing.


Just a quick note to say: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for sharing your gifts & being so generous with them and your time. I am overwhelmed with the profoundness of our session and can’t tell you how much I appreciate your guidance. I just listened to the recording and the information/energies went even deeper – Amazing.


During my childhood, each time I had sharp heart pains, my terrified parents rushed me to the hospital repeatedly, only to be told nothing was physically wrong with me. Susann was the only one who could help me with this. We uncovered the soul-level reason for the chest pains, and I haven’t experienced them since.


Thank you for a penetrating session that has had a big impact on me. I am feeling joy and residing in innocence consistently. The shift is subtle but consistent. I’m re-learning to enjoy parts of my life I hadn’t been enjoying, and looking forward to things again. I’m noticing myself being open in ways I hadn’t, and sharing what I create that I wouldn’t have shared. And, I haven’t woken up in the morning feeling afraid. This is a whole new operating system that lives in me now. Thanks again, Susann.


I want to recommend Susann and her sessions including Akashic Record readings. Everybody who decides to take such services expects two things: accurate information and life improvement. Susann delivers both in just one session. I felt a huge improvement and a much better understanding of my own life after doing a soul clearing with her. Thank you, Susann!

Mariusz Kozlowski, Poland

I am astounded at what transpired and shifted so profoundly of my whole reality in our session together. Susann walked me into the temple of light that now lives within and all around my being. I have discovered a new mind that is now my core essence and has moved me out of reaction and into observance of everything I experience leaving my frequency and energy sovereign. Creating from love is my new operating system and although I have no words to describe that freedom and joy I can say what I do now is make space for its opportunity. Who knew every day could be this magical? From my soul to yours, all those you lead Susann are eternally grateful.

Robin Severin

I am so happy to have had this time with you and the journey we just shared together gave me a beautiful push to be more brave and creative and finally take the steps for manifesting my visions in the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and big hug to you, Susann.

Janine, Switzerland

Thank you Susann! You are like a breath of fresh air to me. Like a morning dew … as if touching my hardened core for the first time with softness and gentleness. I don’t need to be strong all the time. I feel I wanted to cry; tears actually start to flow from my dry eyes. I love you and I love your work.


Thank YOU, Susann. Thank you for your support, for seeing us, for inspiring us, for inspiring faith, for igniting hope, for helping us to believe, for letting us know we’re not alone. Thank you for making me smile and helping me relax :). Much love!


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to realise what my deepest wound is. You were spot on!

Mai-Britt, Denmark

I am so grateful to receive blueprint wisdom through you. You are an inspiration as large as the Universe itself. Oh to feel the support when you said the Sun has your back. So much is possible!

Colleen Bouman, Nova Scotia

Dear Beautiful Susann, thank you for your constantly high-vibrating, inspiring, positive teachings. I know that you ALWAYS help me step into a higher version of myself. You are a True Treasure and a Gift to the Universe!


Susann’s work has given me such incredible insight and understanding of where I truly come from and what my soul purpose is, unlike any other work I have done over the past 10 years. It is both fascinating and liberating, and cannot wait to explore more of her work. Talk about coming home!

Jo Muir, Adelaide, Australia

The content of the Soul Mastery Audio Book is practically giving me a summary of the book that I’m writing! I can’t believe it. This book summarizes all the insights and wisdom that I’ve found or remembered over the past years! I feel touched, seen, recognized, supported, inspired, excited, and elated! I can feel my fear transforming into butterflies of excitement, at least enough to not hold me back anymore! Thank you so much for appearing on my path.


I am still on Cloud 9! It was such a revelation what you told me – I now sleep really well in total trust of my Divine Infinite Love. This morning I felt so light, so full of life and so ready to go out to the world. Thanks to your amazing gift I can see more clearly.


WOW! Life is amazingly new and so very wonderful now that my Soul is living in my body SO much more. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your courage, wisdom, and willingness to open that access point for me. The integration has taken some focus, and I’ve become more comfortable with the expansion now. Living out of my Sacred Heart space has REALLY helped.


I have the Soul Reunion book beside my bed and am inspired by it every morning and night. It is as though you wrote it for me. I have finally been able to reconnect to my source after 2 years of pain and suffering. I feel as though I have been re-birthed, and at 63 years of age, ready to begin the next phase of my life as a healer, which I have put on hold as I have gone through this difficult time. There are 3 clients waiting and my treatment/healing space is being unpacked today. A new beginning...

Susan Stewart

Understanding your soul's purpose and identity gives an instant awareness of the 'why' in the choices and events in your life. The first session with Susann gives instant recognition in an amazing wave of remembrance. Suddenly it all makes sense. You then move forward in your life with a wonderful sense of purpose, completeness, peace and joy.

Elvira Colburn

Susann’s caring and compassion are beyond anything I have words for.

Maureen Hannigan

Susann has helped me validate so much that has happened in my life and who I know I am and can become. There is no greater gift.

Alex Humphries

Thank you for your generosity. I was feeling like I had reached my limit. Thinking about the distinction between giving up and surrender, decided that I just couldn’t keep on. I’ve been living in hope and it just felt like even hope was useless. Somehow I found myself in front of my computer, at the perfect time to attend your class and boy oh boy it turned me around. I remembered who I was. My faith in the power of heart returned – the heaviness lifted. Through you I witnessed certainty. Thank you for following your intuition and celebrating Earth Day in such a loving way.


I’ve been reading your awesome books all weekend. Honestly, beautiful job. Be proud of your courageous soul. And the reason I am congratulating you is because you started listening to the shouting voices of your soul and look where you are!!!! If you didn’t listen I wouldn’t have been helped by what you have to offer. You’re a beautiful soul and have forever changed my life. I know there’s hope for me now.... *With Love and Peace*


Susann is a spectacular guide. Her loving energy is palpable and her wisdom is sharp. When I leave a session I so often think to myself, 'I never knew!' I had a good 'feeling' about Susann, my 'knowing' was right! Meeting her has changed my life. My energy is much better, I’m much happier and engaging with people.


I am so impressed by Susann and just love her energy and presentation style. She is so positive and I could feel myself getting excited about it and can tell she loves what she teaches. She is one of the best speakers on GTC and I can’t wait to learn more from her!


What an amazing shift happened from our call! Twenty minutes later I got a call for an interview from the job I wanted and it feels so right! I will continue to work with the qualities of Spirit that we brought in! Thank you so much Susann for igniting my life movement.


After I attended your talk at the New Living Expo and learned about my home planet, I have been a calmer and more peaceful person. The biggest evidence I see is in my work environment. My boss is not a very easy man to work for. I had a great fear of him but after I learned of my soul gifts and strengths I was able to handle his calls easily. Connecting with our planet is wonderful. Thanks to you, my life is now changing in real ways.


As I am reading your book, Soul Reunion, my heart is just leaping with understanding and agreement for all that you have shared in this brilliant description of how to resolve the wound of separation from the highest level possible. Thank you, Susann.

Carol Anderson

It’s great to see people who don’t hide their wings. Merci à vous!

Genevieve Marous

Now I know what it means to have my emotional and mental concerns of everyday be brought into play with my spirit’s purpose. It’s not enough to stay with just a psychological approach to my growth. I am thrilled with what is opening up in my life. It’s not just about healing, but transformation.


I recommend Susann and her gentle, loving work most highly. I’ve known Susann Taylor Shier for about six years. During a guided meditation in an Intuition workshop with her, I experienced a vision that revealed to me my soul’s purpose in a simple yet powerfully convincing way that I’ve never experienced before. This image continues to comfort me deeply. My heart and soul are now devoted to what they long to be devoted to. If you are reading this, I recommend Susann and her gentle, loving work to you most highly. When Susann speaks of Soul Radiance, she knows what she’s talking about; you can feel it in her presence, and you’ll want to be in it, to be nourished. She keeps helping me grow and flower.

Muriel Karr

Just a quick note of gratitude your way. I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting and am devouring the materials with gusto! I am so opening up to the lightheartedness, magic, childlike enthusiasm of this approach. Much is pouring over me and my heart is so happy as it receives the validation that my heart’s desires for this are pure and correct. Blessings and light to you!


Listening to Susann Taylor Shier’s Soul Radiance CD is always a wonderful, magical experience. Susann takes you to that place within where the seeds of your heart’s desires take root to bloom forth in your external reality. I recommend Susann’s Soul Radiance book and CD to all students of The Secret, the Law of Attraction, spiritual awareness, or personal development.

Roland Campos

When I heard from Susann where my soul was birthed, trained and given life, it felt like a homecoming. It felt as if someone deep inside me said, 'Yes, it is okay to be you.' Experiencing Susann’s Soul Mastery Training workshop was one of those imbedded 'now' moments that I know was part of my destiny.

Rev. Deborah Hogan

Throughout the past year Susann has been the embodiment of Spirit in my transformation. She has guided me through immense changes and growth with a gentle but firm ease. She attunes herself to my spiritual, emotional, mental and physical being as well as those souls around me who have played key roles in my process. I feel that Susann is an angel and a guide on this earth and has led me through the many realms of my awakening to the sound and the light. It is with love and gratitude that I write this testimonial for Susann.


Cord removal, cord cutting, energetically removing someone from your system, from your thoughts is not that hard. Karmic hooks from past lives have stumped me. I’ve tried every which way to remove one ex and it’s time for external assistance. there are many people who specialize in this A person who has helped me with this is Susann Taylor Shier. I promote her because she truly will see your light through your darkness.


I had spent years in traditional psychotherapy and counseling, when I met Susann Taylor Shier. Immediately upon connecting with her, I felt that I had found my best friend. My life was in a very deep transition and I was in meltdown. I began to work with Susann. I discovered that the work Susann does goes beyond all the professional help I had previously received. I have done past life work, in addition to psychotherapy that has been valuable, but when you need to truly address the constant chaos in your life, Susann’s intuitive and soulfully skillful approach is more effective. Susann’s counseling gets directly to the heart of a problem. She works at the soul level, where all deep issues originate. She addresses issues that one’s soul has taken on, usually through illusion or trickery. I have healed patterns that are ancient in a matter of a few sessions working with Susann, and my life has radically changed for the better in only 6 months.

Amanda Taylor

For the last year and a half I have had the privilege of working and studying with Susann Taylor Shier. Each personal session with Susann has been a profound journey into the far corners of my psyche, where deeply buried Soul memories and patterns, unavailable to my conscious mind, yet running my life in disturbing ways, have been uncovered and reordered in a gentle, yet powerful process. The results have been tremendously beneficial with lasting changes in my outlook on life, my relationship with my partner, and my experience of myself. I find myself becoming the presence of my own Divine Essence, which I have desired to know since the beginning of my awakening in this lifetime. Thank You Susann for the lovely, soothing, healing transformational process you have made available to me.


Susann’s work brought me into a deep connection with my inner resources of wisdom and inner guidance as I had never experienced so profoundly. These resources are alive and flourishing now in my daily life.


I asked many questions in my sessions with Susann and I appreciate her patience, kindness and her very humble devotion touches my heart. My strong desire to find this missing element/link of CONNECTION with my larger SELF was met with Susann’s sessions. Many, many teachers couldn’t and didn’t bridge though they mentioned Oneness. Susann helped me to get connected to my larger self and expanding from there so that I can contribute my SELF in this collective shifting Consciousness by living that example where my Soul can radiate with Divine Love, Light and Truth for many to awake. And for all my sessions with Susann, she humbly helped me to finally understand my Soul and lineage to the larger Universes where I came from.

Judy, Singapore

Thank you so much Susann for everything. I am eternally grateful for your kindness, your wisdom and your heart felt generosity. It is a humbling place to be in in terms of my financial reality presently, and I feel you see me beyond all that, and that your heart knows my heart, and you get who I am and what my soul wants to bring me in my life.

Sonya Wilder

Susann has been the embodiment of Spirit in my transformation. She has guided me through immense changes and growth with a gentle but firm ease. She attunes herself to my spiritual, emotional, mental and physical being as well as those souls around me who have played key roles in my process. I feel that Susann is an angel and a guide on this earth and has led me through the many realms of my awakening to the sound and the light. It is with love and gratitude that I write this testimonial for Susann.


Dear Susann, thank you so very much for the session last night. Your work is amazing and insightful. You are blessed with what you bring forth into this dimension to help those of us come back into 'knowing and remembering.' Such a timely gift to share. My world today is lighter and brighter and I have such a deeper breathe of relief to be in touch with aspects of myself I have always known, seen and been aware of but seemed just out of touch. The validation I received in the work we did last night is incredibly empowering. I thank you for your work and look forward to working with you again, soon! Namaste, 'in-joy'.


I’ve spent most of my adult life searching, studying and stepping out on my own to help others on their spiritual path. After reading Susann’s book (Soul Mastery) my life started to make sense. After two sessions with Susann I began to piece together my past and see myself in a new way. I have peace and clarity about what my life purpose is. I am deeply grateful and filled with confidence by what I have learned from Susann and look forward to creating a future I only dared dream about.


Thank you so much for being such a Divine Presence in the world and truly walking your talk and Shining your Glorious Light so many others can see! I so appreciate your consistent passion and positivity! Always smiling and laughing and bringing Love into the world so the rest of us can be InSpired to Create our Heart’s desires with joy, certainty, clarity, and confidence! What better way to Create the Life You Love than to finally Birth your Divine Self into the world with the Power of the Almighty Presence of God flowing through your whole Being fully and freely! Yes!! With Great Gratitude, Divine Love, and Radiant Light.


Dearest Susann, I would like to thank you so much for you last program on World Puja. I hope that you can feel the energy encoded in this e-mail, because you gave me the tools to finally feel what unconditional love truly feels like. Something simple that you said about opening the heart space allowed me to connect with this love, and to understand the connection and how to sustain it, that many years of meditating and hoping to feel this and working to find it had not. I know that things unfold perfectly in our lives, but I wanted you to know that you have been a conduit for a powerful and lasting connection that was made in my own heart today. Now when I say I love you I can feel it on a level and with an energy that was never before available to me. I am so grateful and I do love you. Thank you for touching my soul in this way. With a powerful connection to you, my dear soul sister.

Merry Titus

Thank you so much for facilitating my Akashic Record reading. Words cannot express my gratitude. To have further clarity and validation about this particular contract, and previous ones, is so precious. I truly now understand where 'home' is and the importance of connecting there for grounding. You have brought a truly valuable piece of this incarnation to light and I am truly grateful. YOU and your work are extremely valuable and precious. THANK YOU!! Much love!


Susann, out of the many healers, I honestly find you to be walking your talk. You truly love and want the best for us. My session with you opened my eyes. My next session is coming very soon. I can’t wait. You are a gem!