Soul Mastery Soul Clearing Training

The Soul Mastery Akashic Records Soul Clearing Training gives you the skills and ability to do Soul Mastery Soul Clearing as well as Akashic Record Soul Readings for yourself and others.  It’s also a training that readily works in conjunction with other healing modalities that you may be previously trained in.

What does this training include?

  • Clear Soul level patterns, imprints and implants for yourself and others
  • Release all disruptive influences that are keeping you from your Soul fulfillment
  • Clear buildings and properties
  • Clear situations you or others are involved in
  • Clear others soul patterns (with permission) on a soul level
  • Clear and heal blocks limiting those you know and work with at the deepest level possible
  • Learn how to discover these challenges in the Akashic Records of the Soul
  • Discover how these choices were made that brought the restrictive influence to the Soul’s emergence for yourself and others
  • Become skilled in changing the Akashic Records of the Soul so that it is in alignment with your current consciousness and purpose
  • Gain the wisdom you need to ensure that your previous Soul patterns are complete and will not be repeated. This Akashic Record Soul Clearing is in place for all time
  • Learn how these disruptive energies impact your outer life, keeping you from having the heart and soul guided life that you long for
  • Gain the knowledge from the Akashic Record Field for Soul level transformation, individually and collectively
  • Bring greater access to Soul strengths and purposes for yourself and others
  • …and so much more!


The Soul Mastery Akashic Records Soul Clearing Training is carefully crafted to help you work with the specific challenges of each of the soul groups described in Susann’s Soul Mastery book. It also prepares you to engage with clients at a soul level to clear challenges and access their soul gifts.

If you want to work to work like Susann does, THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU!


Important:  Required Prerequisite Coursework: 



Soul Mastery Akashic Record Soul Clearing Training (MP3s)
Detailed Correspondence course. 7 MP3s - Instant download and includes workbook materials.
Price: $589.00

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