Soul Mastery Spiritual Coaching Training

January 26th–June 29th, 2022


A Six-Month Expert Level Training
for Spiritual Coaching Certification

A Soul Guided and Inspired Transformational Program


Welcome to the Soul Mastery Spiritual Coaching Training! We invite you to participate and experience a deepening of your divine connection and the capacity to know and live from your soul gifts and strengths. Plus, you will gain the ability to offer soul healing and transformational coaching to others, personally or professionally.

Using Susann’s proprietary Soul Mastery™ and Soul Reunion™ trainings in a clear, confident way, you will become skilled at leading your clients through a comprehensive soul level coaching process.

Give Susann and her team six months to support you to focus on bringing your spiritual talents into a practical, successful, inspirational career. Then watch the magic unfold in your life while you increase your capacity to feel confident to assist others in rich, deep, potent ways.

She will guide you with so much love and wisdom and endless cheerleading through this transformational training. You will be part of an astounding and intimate group of souls who make up the outer collective of support, encouragement and strength of surround to magnify this new level of divine contribution you are offering to the world.

You can be sure that the divine guidance from all dimensions and realms called in just for this high vibrational program will be vast and unprecedented in their assistance throughout our time.

Imagine having a group come together that consists of advanced souls with tremendous guidance systems already in place. The magnification will be significant!

We, on all levels, look forward to sharing this potent and sacred journey with you.


This training is designed for you personally, as well as for who you are as a soul level practitioner.

The focus will be first and foremost on your metamorphosis so that you can embody the work in an inspiring and authentic way.

This course work will be something that you can easily weave into any healing practice you are already engaged with. It compliments and deepens anything you are providing.

You will go through a highly experiential professional training process so that you feel assured using the tools in the program.

You will then be able to guide sessions as an expert soul level coach, sharing your knowledge with others to grow the connection and capacity to embody their soul gifts and strengths.

This training is also designed to incorporate the other participants whom you will work with directly to expand your practice as a soul level coach. Working one on one with others in the training will greatly increase your confidence in your capacity to assist others successfully, as well as enhance your sense of support and understanding for what you are embarking upon.


This training is designed to give you

true soul guidance and sacred mentoring.


Whether you are doing healing work now, or want to launch your healing career from a true soul level, this training is DEFINITELY for you.

Susann is thrilled and honored to invite intuitives, healers, transformers, and change agents who are READY TO DIVE DEEP and assist clients and humanity in an immensely meaningful and transformational way.

As we come to the end of our six months together my heart is very full, full of gratitude, and respect for all that you have offered to me, and our class, through this time,  And for all that you have passionately opened up, developed and held sacred over these many years. I realize I am in a different space now. My human bandwidth of reception seems to have expanded and I am looking back and remembering the judgments I had, the resistances I was holding onto, my fears of letting go, and lack of trust as I inched my way forward through the sessions.  Determined to break through, though! None of these things feel like they are constricting me now and everything makes sense and is coming together in a beautiful gracious way. The voice of my soul is telling me loud and clear that I deserve all of this love and understanding and all that may continue to pour in. I am gaining confidence in being able to facilitate the loving space for all of the energies and guidance collectives to come in. I am loving being in the Akashic field of understanding for each soul that I am with, being guided by my own soul perception and wisdom, trusting what to say and how deep to go with a person is the most poignant lesson of all. I am going to miss our sessions together and all of our lovely class members. I am excited for all of us in what each of us is going to create. Dear Susann, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.” ~ Hannah Kahane
“I feel deeply grateful that I was led to Susann. I have benefited in so many ways from her one to one sessions, books, and the Soul Mastery Spiritual Coaching training course. It is a rare person who walks the walk and talks the talk, but as a high level healer Susann is the real deal! Being able to regularly connect with her light, wisdom, encouragement and insight over the past six months has been life changing and has taken me on a huge personal journey of transformation and given me the tools and confidence to take my work with clients to a whole different level. Thank you so much.” ~ Angela Percival
I love the collective field we have created here in the Soul Mastery Training. I feel such gateways are open to parallel universes through us now. Thank you from my expanded, peaceful heart.


There is no other in depth experience like this. This training will allow you to harness the energies of universal proportion in yourself and your healing work. You will feel abundantly connected to the divine and its remarkable resources that will now always be at hand for you.

You will discover how to assist others to transform their old patterns easily and swiftly, so they too can make the most of their life, guided by spirit.


Claim your place of mastery and mission.

Be a portal for soul transformation.

Achieve ultimate reunion with your gifts,
and strengths and soul purpose.

Release what holds you back
from offering your finest into your world.

All of this is now possible
for you, your clients, and your loved ones.


You will have six months of LIVE calls every two weeks with Susann!

  • You will be among practitioners who really want to cultivate living from the high frequency that the Akashic Record Field and the Soul Mastery work of soul knowledge carries.
  • You will be trained to bring this level of breadth of spiritual resources to those you provide for.
  • Your support of others on their divine life path is one of the most valuable contributions there is, and it is personally richly fulfilling.
  • This training is open to a specialized intimate group so that everyone receives plenty of personal guidance and training.
  • This is the training to ground your gifts into living, for an extraordinary, embodied, and soul guided life, and to create a brilliant practice born of that.

What is the greatest gift you can give another?

It is wholehearted and expansive connection
and sense of feeling valuable and guided.


Through this very, very special time together you will increase this gift for yourself and then naturally it is what you bring to those in your life.

Let Susann’s confidence and training and 47 years of developed connection and wisdom rub off on you and fill you up with inspiration and clarity about how you wish to bring out YOUR unique strengths and passion.

This course is designed for those of you who know you have so much more to offer and are inspired by the Akashic Records, knowing far greater trust in intuitive guidance, and the desire to release and clear old patterns rapidly, for yourself and others.

We guarantee that this will be a very sacred, exceptional space that will be generated during this six-month period and beyond.

This curriculum is designed for those who wish to take part in creating a vortex for emerging wisdom from a collective soul field that our presence together will generate.

Your contribution of experience and wisdom will be a vital component to the group dynamic we will generate.

I am working on the advanced class of the Soul Mastery Spiritual Coaching Training still. I am loving it. You keep everything so simple. You bring it to essence and/or bring the essence forth. It’s all Soul Essence and your experience shines so clearly. Inspiring you are, and I am grateful to be here. Thank you for being such a wonderful and inspiring mentor!!!


The training is taught bimonthly over six months (every two weeks) with LIVE calls with Susann. 

We will begin Wednesday, January 26, 2022 and complete on Wednesday, June 29, 2022.

All classes will be held on Wednesdays from 12 noon to 1:30 pm or 2 pm PT.

The following is not just a preset syllabus, but it is comprised from a foundation of elements that are essential to your training to be a Soul Mastery Certified Spiritual Coach.

You will engage in a large amount of practicum time, where you will directly experience and witness Susann guiding others. You will also guide others in the group and be coached by Susann as you do so. This way you learn most quickly what your strengths and weaknesses are and how to course correct them instantly.

Having so much time practicing guiding others during this training will help build your confidence that you CAN do what you love and make a practice or career of it.

This is not a text book class or a lecture series for the most part, although Susann has endless wisdom to impart. She wants you to access your gifts and intuitive connection, which is the strongest piece you can add to your existing toolbox.

She also wants you to develop your self assurance so that you will have what you need in any moment to contribute to another’s life in genuinely fulfilling ways.

I am becoming more acquainted with the Akashic Record Field and will continue to dwell in the space more. It is beyond amazing and feels so real and tangible.” ~ CBW
“OMG that was epic! I am deeply moved by the depth and beauty of the sharings and deep inner work! What a blessing to be part of such a beautiful group.”

The Soul Mastery Soul Coaching Training Menu

Here are some of the key foundational modules that will be covered:

Module #1: Learn to Access and Read the Akashic Records to have clear and accurate soul information for yourself and others.

The Akashic Record energy field, or library, contains all knowledge for all souls for all time.

This portion of the training gives you the tools to have IMMEDIATE, DIRECT and RELIABLE access to soul level requests, both personally and professionally. Learn to communicate and commune with the reservoir of wisdom and support the Akashic Record field has to offer you. Feel confident that you can trust your guidance when you are connected to the Akashic Records and release information that comes to you in ways that are not accurate or true.


Module #2: Advanced Akashic Records: The Soul Portrait

In this advanced level class, you will learn how to identify Soul GroupsHome WorldsArchangel RealmsSpirit Guides and Soul Contracts for yourself and others.

  • Discuss the inherent nature, gifts and strengths of the soul groups, how to identify them and how to know what worlds others are from.
  • Explore the uniqueness and gifts of different soul groups and home worlds so you may connect with the richness of each world and learn how to access them for yourself and others.
  • Learn which Archangel Realms individuals come from and how to discern and honor that.
  • Identify soul level contracts that exist for you and others in your life.
  • Utilize powerful tools including the pendulum, muscle testing and your intuitive perceptions to identify soul families, Archangel Realms, spirit guides and soul contracts, for friends, families and clients.

Module #3: The Soul Mastery Akashic Records Soul Clearing TrainingArt of Greg Martin

This module gives you the skills and ability to do Soul Mastery Soul Clearing™ as well as Akashic Record Soul Readings for yourself and others.  It’s also a training that readily works in conjunction with other healing modalities that you may be previously trained in.

What does this training include?

  • Clear soul level patterns, imprints and implants for yourself and others
  • Release all disruptive influences that are keeping you from your soul fulfillment
  • Clear others soul patterns (with permission) on a soul level
  • Clear and heal blocks limiting those you know and work with at the deepest level possible
  • Learn how to discover these challenges in the Akashic Records of the soul
  • Discover how these choices were made that brought the restrictive influence to the Soul’s emergence for yourself and others.
  • Become skilled in upgrading the Akashic Records of the soul so that it is in alignment with your current consciousness and purpose.
  • Gain the wisdom you need to ensure that your previous soul patterns are complete and will not be repeated. This Akashic Record Soul Clearing is in place for all time.
  • Learn how these disruptive energies impact your outer life, keeping you from having the heart and soul guided life that you long for.
  • Gain the knowledge from the Akashic Record Field for soul level transformation, individually and collectively.
  • Bring greater access to soul strengths and purposes for yourself and others.
  • Uncover inherent soul family challenges so you can use this knowledge and wisdom to help others in your healing practice.
  • Feel confident leading clients and loved ones home to the bounty of themselves and their soul purpose.

The Soul Mastery Akashic Records Soul Clearing Training is carefully crafted to help you work with the specific challenges of each of the soul groups described in Susann’s Soul Mastery book. It also prepares you to engage with clients to clear soul level challenges and access their soul gifts.

Module #4: Ignite Your Intuition as the Voice of Your Soul

This module shows you how to use your intuition as the key for the manifestation of your soul gifts and the ability to drawn forth others gifts.

We will also exponentially increase the scope and nature of your guidance collective and it’s capacity to assist you, in divine co-creation for clarity of purpose, decision making and intuitive accuracy when providing for others.

Gain simple, profound methods to access your intuitive guidance to bring you clarity, direction, support and unconditional love

  • Receive clear communication from your guides that you can trust
  • Learn how to discern which messages are true and which are not
  • Unblock the fear keeping you from trusting and using your intuition
  • Practice manifesting from the level of your true purpose
  • Experience clear direction in daily and lifelong choices

Module #5: Soul Reunion

Part One:

This section of the training will allow you to increase your own connection to the infinite abundance field as you develop your resources and strengths of your soul.

The deepest longing known is to be in union with infinite Love and all creation, held sacred by the Beloved All That Is. This is your opportunity to learn how to heal the wounds within you and others that prevent having that true longing fulfilled.

As your connection expands and deepens, you will have increased capacity to bring others into the healing, transformational vortex, ever deepening, that you are opening to and embodying. Learning how to embody this vortex is key to assisting others while remaining strong in your own exquisite connection.

Part Two:

This section punctuates your ability to assist others to work in the energy field of their emotional, mental and physical body from the soul’s perspective and your intuitive wisdom.

You will learn how to easily help others, no matter what blocks, triggers or limitations are they are dealing with.

You will also learn how to work more creatively with your nature as a sensitive soul, and as an empath. I will teach you the empath’s guide to thriving. This helps immensely in feeling at ease with working with others without fear of taking on their energies or having burnout.

The Soul Reunion™ tools for creatively integrating our challenges and unmet needs were brilliantly brought to me from my beloved guidance collective.

This is transformational work at its finest. It will help you to move beyond clearing work to simply utilizing the resources of a client’s creative connection to heal anything they are handling.

Through the Soul Reunion™ tools, learn how to shift soul patterns that began even before we started having earth incarnations.

Knowing how to work with the Akashic Record Field, in conjunction with your soul groups’ wisdom and guidance, while adding the Soul Reunion ™ means for creative integration to wholeness is the DEEPEST WAY to resolve chronic, deeply embedded and complex patterns that NOTHING ELSE can resolve. I have seen the evidence over and over for 25 years.

Understanding the root of the challenges we and others face is GOLDEN.
Knowing how to resolve those challenges forever is PRICELESS.


Module #6: Guided Journey Meditation

This section, which will be highly experiential and utilized throughout the training, will assist you to be able to guide yourself, and others especially, through guided journey meditations.

You will learn how to work with what can come up for clients of resistance and fears and know how to guide them through any “knot” that comes along.

You will also learn how to use your intuitive connection to feel successful in what is received and experienced by those you guide.

This module is full of some of the greatest, cleanest, spirit centered tools to help you help others to reunite with the abundance of their soul and its purposes available.


Module #7: Soulful ManifestationArt of Greg Martin

  • Learn the art of soul level manifestation and why this is the key to truly manifesting what you long to create.
  • You will hone this skill to be able to offer to clients of yours.
  • Discover the true secret to bringing heaven on earth and your prayers into form. This is an ancient, simple method of potent collaboration with the universe and your guidance collective. You will easily be able to use this method with clients.
  • Learn how to work in co-creation with your guides and beings from your home worlds. Uncover the fast track to a divinely guided life that is filled with the assurance that you can manifest freely, filled with heart, and spirit’s blessing. Be able to help others be that prosperous as well.

Module #8: Spiritual Marketing

In this foundational module you will be mentored in the craft of marketing from the heart and soul, knowing that all spirit is assisting you to draw those to you who receive and honor your coaching.

You will learn the soul level technique of the law of attraction in this field so that you are confident in what you wish to provide for others.


Bonus Materials

You will receive the following three courses to work with on your own as a part of the course curriculum. These courses hold a tremendous wealth of knowledge on their own. We will also be working extensively with this material during the training.

Learn to Read the Akashic Records
6 hours of training in MP3 format. Supplemental support material is included.

Advanced Akashic Records: The Soul Portrait
5 hours training in MP3 format. Supplemental support material is included.

Soul Mastery Soul Clearing Training
7 MP3s. Workbook material included.

Soul Mastery e-Book
Access the Gifts of Your Soul, PDF, 296 pages

I had been taking some of Susann’s self-study courses for a couple of years prior to signing up for the six month Soul Mastery Certification training. I loved her style, her voice and her content, and I wanted to offer similar sessions myself, but…I was still waiting for something…

When I first spoke to Susann on the phone, it was the beginning of knowing my dream could be a reality. Speaking to her on the phone was in itself an act of courage, and my courage continued from there.

Signing up for the training will bring you to the next level you’ve been waiting for. Working with Susann in this training program helped me in many wonderful ways:

1) The personal attention you get directly from Susann is like nothing you will find anywhere else. All of your questions can and will be answered. She does not rush you. You will know that you matter!
2) I was being seen and heard in this program. Being seen and heard by Susann, and by other women I admire, was invaluable.
3) Consistency – knowing that you are connecting regularly will keep you on track! The interesting homework will keep you inspired.
4) Infusion of excitement – being a part of something meaningful was so important for me!
5) Gaining experience on Zoom – For me, getting familiar and comfortable on Zoom was important. Dissolving anxiety around how I look and sound on Zoom was invaluable.
6) This training will help you get to the root of what’s been holding you back. Through this training Susann helped me with two major lifelong challenges which were using my voice and being in my body. She helped me awaken, understand, know and activate these resources, which had previously remained a mystery to me.
7) This program will teach you how to anchor into your resources so that you can move forward with your life and what you are so longing to create.”

With love and gratitude, Lani Huesken

Class Details

LIVE classes will be held on Wednesdays from January 26, 2022 to June 29, 2022.

We will meet 12 times approximately every 2 weeks.

We will create some flexibility of dates to accommodate the various travel schedules when the group first gathers and shares their various needs.

All classes will be from 12 noon to 1:30 pm or 2 pm PT.

Replays will be available for each class immediately after its conclusion. 

At the end of the training you will receive the entire package of recordings so that you may continue to listen, enjoy and deepen your knowledge base.


The Soul Mastery Spiritual Coaching Training costs $1950.00. A monthly payment plan is optional. Please email Susann ([email protected]) for details.


I thank you from the core of who I am for your guidance, your lightness of being, your wisdom, and your extremely loving way of doing sessions with us during these six months of exquisite mentoring. Words cannot express my gratitude for your genius and love. You are a complete treasure. I am blown away as well as being totally inspired!!!”

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