I Know You’re Out There
A Soul’s Journey to Sacred Love

A very special e-book by Susann Taylor Shier

This book on finding sacred love gives you a deeper spiritual understanding of how to go beyond self love to genuinely living as the wholeness of soulmate level love inside to magnetize his or her physical presence.

If you sense that sacred love is a part of your longing in this year, but you can’t seem to manifest the intimate partner you intuitively feel is part of your spirit-filled path, dive into I Know You’re Out There: A Soul’s Journey to Sacred Love. 

This relationship guide deeply feeds your heart and soul’s hunger to connect with the magnificence of blessed love in intimate relationship.

This not a dating guide with instructions on how to attract a man.

I Know You’re Out There, A Soul’s Journey to Sacred Love serves as an uplifting roadmap for your journey from the place of feeling it is not possible to find your special one, to holding certainty about your destiny of coming together with your partner in love.

I Know You are Out There is a compassionate, understanding, deeply guided and heart centered approach to your blessed search for partnership from a true spiritual foundation.

Susann’s soulful nature engages you in the magical process of unfolding from the inside out in the world of love in all its levels.

She speaks of her “roadblocks” of love with honesty and vulnerability to assist you to feel at ease to navigate through your own places that have kept you from genuinely receiving the love of your life. The path has been laid with starlight for you to walk upon.

You will find a plethora of wisdom and buckets of support contained in it. There is a real sense that true love pours though the words as you read them, to assist you wholeheartedly in your journey to soul mate love.

It is an energetic based book to lift your spirits and give you meditative and practical exercises and new ways of being as you move into a joyful and clear position to welcome the love of your life.

“I smiled in my heart and cried tears of hope over and over as I poured through this love filled book. I am recharged and know there is so much I CAN do that makes sense to my heart to create a real relationship for the first time ever.” ~ Shelby

Susann Taylor Shier has guided thousands to find their power, passion and life purpose in her 30 years as an intuitive counselor.

Now, she opens up the world of soul love made manifest in its richest form, by writing of her soul’s journey toward sacred love to inspire you, and to bring you both help and hope for finding your soul mate love.

You can be sure that all spirit and guidance will move heaven and earth to assist you to know sacred love.

Love WILL find you and you WILL find love.

I Know You're Out There E-Book
I Know You're Out There: A Soul's Journey to Sacred Love. PDF, 158 pages (instant download).
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