What are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the records of all knowledge for all souls for all time. Whew! That includes more than I could ever imagine accessing to satisfy our craving for understanding who and what we are about.
You who are reading this article are all advanced souls with special unique gifts and life purposes. Reading the Akashic Records for your soul portrait gives you knowledge of the soul’s training’s, experiences, contracts, strengths, and challenges. It gives you a picture of your home world and the treasures you chose to bring to this world. A soul clearing identifies the barnacles on your soul from many life experiences that the higher beings have permission to clear on your behalf, with your consent.

A one-hour Akashic Record reading phone session has helped people in remarkable ways. We are working at the level of the soul, so persistent patterns that feel deeper or bigger than a mere childhood issue are my forte’. Children stop having nightmares, adults have relief from insomnia, couples clarify relationship purpose and direction, soul career paths are opened, repetitive heart break patterns are resolved, to name a few:

  • I have worked with a gentleman who was suffering from severe guilt and grief over the loss of his wife due to cancer. Because of our work with his contract with his wife as was revealed in the Akashic Records he was finally able to release his emotional trauma connected to the loss of his wife so they could happily connect being to being.
  • A man from Maine had chronic fatigue symptoms and we were able to identify the root cause for this condition which did indeed come from a soul level experience that he was previously not in touch with. This opened the door for further healing work together to alleviate his physical and emotional pain.
  • A woman from Oregon felt the symptoms of a minor heart attack and went immediately to the hospital. The doctors said there was nothing they could find physically that would create the occurrence. She called me and we uncovered the spiritual dimensions involved and cleared that soul level pattern and she has not had any further symptoms since.
  • A young lady asked me why she had such problems attracting men who were kind on the outside and harsh and cruel on the inside. We’ve all heard this story! We were able to discover what her soul was up to that allowed her to be fooled by this wolf in sheep’s clothing. It was helpful to her when she first established it. She is now in a very loving, lasting relationship, I am happy to report.
  • A client had long suffered from feelings as painful as suicidal ideation and severe depression. Although she had spent most of her life in therapy and on western medication, having her Akashic Records read and a clearing completed gave her the courage and release that she needed to get on her life path and begin seeing the joy in her life in many ways for the first time in this life. She has gained a new perspective and is on a much shorter and more effective way to recovery.
  • Another client recently said to me that she now feels she can bring her full self safely and robustly into her life, her marriage, and her work. How refreshing. How exhilarating This reading will allow you to find a greater peace with being here, making planet earth your home right now. You will feel deep validation for the nature of your soul’s journey, reminding you at a conscious level what your soul already knows of your purpose and agreements. I have been told so many times how freeing it is to “let the soul step forward and guide my life” as it is intended to do. To live from our heart and soul is truly our gift to this world and ourselves. It is a rich personal fulfillment that we deserve.

What Is The Soul?

The Soul is what we created as a spiritual being to give embodiment to our Spirit and its connection to the universal field of all of creation. It is a brilliant design we as a magnificent creator brought forth. Our vastness and eternal nature created a Soul that houses or holds its sacred nature, qualities and purposes to continually have available for our expression. Our Soul holds all the memories or imprints of all of our experiences through the eternal time line of our existence. It is our spiritual DNA factor. It holds all that we value of our Spirit’s nature, so we can expand in our embodiment of Spirit. This way we don’t have to keep starting from scratch in bringing our Soul gifts, strengths and purposes forward into our life expression.

The Akashic Records are the records of all knowledge for all Souls, for all time. I access the Akashic Records when I am working with the Soul and assisting you with its emergence through you.

What is Intuition?

Our invisible guides and teachers are available for us on a constant basis. When these beings, who I feel are aspects of ourselves, tell me they are available 24/ 7 they mean it.

Recently, I had a practical example come my way to remind me how my guides are very much a part of my every day reality.

I was leaving my home, excited about a session with a client that I had just had. There was an odd noise under the hood of my car that I began to hear. It got me very present and focused on my car and the moment of driving at hand. Suddenly the car in front of me screeched to a halt. Because the sound in my car had brought my attention so vividly and fully to driving (what a concept to actually be fully attentive to just driving!) I was able to quickly slow down and pull over to the right shoulder and avoid being the third car in what turned out to be an accident for others. I knew that my guides were watching over me and were able to create that noise to alert me! By the way, the sound in my car never happened again after that moment. I suspect that we have such moments to remind us of the gifts we have at the very fingertips of our heart and awareness.

I know that there are spirit guides and helpers constantly pouring out their love and wisdom in our direction. We are never alone, separate, unsupported or uncared for. When you feel separated or alone it is a sign that you have lost connection to Wholeness. Our guides’ presence reminds us of our connection to all that is love. We can invite them in constantly to be our best friends in life, because they are unconditionally around.

A few months after the horrific event of September 11, 2001, when the World Trade Center Towers were attacked there was an amazing transformation that happened in that location. Did you see the exquisite painting of the recreated skyline over New York that that showed the beams of light connecting from the ground to the heavens in place of the Twin Towers? I do feel that this was a depiction of the way the heavens opened up following that event to allow us to access the streams of guides, guardians and angels. that a are a part of us. Our prayers since that critical turning point were answered through the presence of our guides and angels being more palpable in our lives as we have allowed that light influence to ignite our daily life. This is an ongoing opening I have found that we are privileged to now have energetically in place. As we allow our guides to play a direct part in our lives what is important to our hearts and souls and lifeblood is supported, anchored and fulfilled. The force is indeed with us.

Right now our planet is injured and the universe is sending wave after wave of healing energy to the earth just as the immune system sends waves of healing energy to an injured part of the body. These frequencies can be likened to a stream entering into a stagnant pond to purify, cleanse and bring clarity to the body of water.

I find it a deep privilege to work with clients daily to assist opening the streams of light our guides give to us continually. It is a joy to assist people to create real relationships with their guides that they can trust and count on.

Our innate intuitive skills are an outgrowth of our connection to our angelic dimensions. You absolutely can develop your intuition! I offer simple techniques to bring the wealth of guidance to your every day life through the development of your intuition. We all deserve to access this gold mine. For me, accessing my intuition is an inherent part of my abundance. It is like winning the lottery! I encourage you to act on your inherent divine inspiration, enabling you to open your channels. See how your heart’s expression is naturally enhanced by it.

What is one of Susann’s favorite meditations?

Let Ecstasy Roll In

We do not have to leave the room.
Remain standing at your table and listen.
Do not even listen, simply wait.
Do not even wait.
Be quite still and solitary.
The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked.
It has no choice. It will roll in ecstasy at your feet.

This is one of my favorite ‘mini’ meditations. Simply reading these lines drops me into my essence and deepest place of stillness, reminding me that everything is already present and it all abides within.

The question I often hear from clients is, “So if I have such a strong faith in God, in the angels, and in my guides, why am I not feeling the love and light from those sources in my everyday life? Why am I so painfully aware of the separation that exists between what I touch in a moment of meditation, the beauty of the Divine, and my life in this world before me?”

My reply to them is, “Keep this longing to connect with your divine essence.”

This sense of separation we feel in a given moment naturally reminds us that out connection to the divine is missing in the now. It is just a space of creative void longing to be given the choice for light.

Try this

Breathe in slowly and deliberately. Draw in connection to the light, to the Divine as it has meaning for you. Draw that connection into that space that felt empty or frustrated or…. and replace that empty space with the simple sensation of connection. And know that in that moment you were the Creator of Light for yourself and for this world. Doesn’t this connect you with the Divine, the infinite presence, the universal oneness?

Continue the deliberate breathing into the space within you that is holding the longing until you know in your heart that God, the Divine, your guides are present with you in that moment.

What a powerful transformation has taken place! You have just changed the world one experience at a time. That is the beauty of creation being known again in this world. That is a moment of true and genuine service AND it created personal fulfillment. They are one in the same. You do not even have to leave the room. Ecstasy will roll in at your feet!


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