Intuitive Counseling for the Heart and Soul

Guidance For The Heart And Soul …

As an intuitive, psychic, medium, conscious channel and psychotherapist, it is my honor to bring guidance, clarity and love filled messages from your soul and guidance system to bring forth the greatest possible path for your abundance and fulfillment.

It’s natural to want to be seen, known and understood. As an intuitive counselor, I am able to assist you in opening those places in yourself and in your world that you want to see and understand more vividly.

I’m also a guide to light the way into areas where you seek clarity. I am happy to support you in what you find most meaningful in your deepest heart. It is a privilege to facilitate what your heart and soul wish to give voice to.

“Susann, out of the many healers, I honestly find you to be walking your talk. You truly love and want the best for us. My session with you opened my eyes. My next session is coming very soon. I can’t wait. You are a gem.” – Sarah.
“Susann has been a trusted source for a series of awareness-deepening, horizon-expanding and profound healing experiences. I highly recommend.” – Mary C.
“The guidance you offered was high level information that gave me a more expansive understanding of the human/spiritual journey, yet also practical to use in everyday life. It continually brought me home to who I truly am and I now have more resources to live the life I want to live. I am seeing results in my health, business and personal life. Thank you for this most treasured gift of Love. ” – Linda
“I have the Soul Reunion book beside my bed and am inspired by it every morning and night. It is as though you wrote it for me.  I have finally been able to reconnect to my source after 2 years of pain and suffering.  I feel as though I have been re-birthed, and at 63 years of age, ready to begin the next phase of my life as a healer, which I have put on hold as I have gone through this difficult time.  There are 3 clients waiting and my treatment/healing space is being unpacked today.  A new beginning – Thank you, Susann.” – S.S

My greatest desire is that your life flourishes!  Through the support of our guides, this PSYCHIC, INTUITIVE READING is designed to help you attain EXACTLY that. 

Not only will you receive loving clarity from our abundant universe, but we’ll clear all that keeps you from obtaining connection to the prosperous reality you wish to embody.



“Who would’ve guessed that someone as kind and light hearted as Susann had the ability to release the entities that had me feeling tortured nonstop for the past five years. She did it. She is an earth angel powerhouse and me and my family are eternally grateful.” – Linda



I invite you into a healing atmosphere that draws forth your gifts and unique essences.


As a trained professional in the field of psychotherapy I use therapeutic techniques suited to your individual needs to shift repetitive patterns that have been keeping you from breaking through the glass ceilings in your life.


I specialize in therapy for the heart and soul.


I believe that healing does not have to be our life’s work. For me, therapy for the heart and soul is about developing resources to live to your fullest potential. These sessions allow you to get to the root cause of your challenges and find “the missing piece” that you haven’t been able to access.

Together we release old patterns from your body, mind and soul that have held you from experiencing your brilliance and breadth.


This includes working with chronic patterns of every nature:


HEALTH CHALLENGES – Spanning the whole range: from cancer and MS to heart pain and knee pain; patterns of trauma from accidents and injuries; digestive and immune system disorders, to name a few. Sleep problems for sure!

RELATIONSHIPS – Practical tools are combined with your soul’s wisdom to assist you to increase your ability to experience the love you long for through the relationships you value, and dissolve the patterns that hold you in fear and resistance to love.

GAIN CLARITY of direction in your relationships and understand soul contracts that are ready to be released or birthed.

CAREER AND LIFE PURPOSE – How to best navigate where you are now to where you wish to be.

PARENTING – Transitions of every kind, large and small, loss and death and even mediumship are available in these sessions.

We will release past memories, trauma and imprints at the cellular and DNA level, assisting the body, mind and soul to create health and well-being in a penetrating way.

With the help of my guides and yours, we’ll focus on what brings you your greatest joy and success.

“Susann has been a trusted source for a series of awareness-deepening, horizon-expanding and profound healing experiences. I highly recommend.” – Mary C.


All sessions last one hour and an mp3 recording will be sent to you.  Each session is unique to your soul needs.


AFTER YOU REGISTER FOR A SESSION please contact Susann to set up your session time. Please mention time frames that work for you and your time zone.


* I request a 24-hour cancellation policy for our session together. If you need to cancel due to illness or unforseen circumstances that arise, I do understand. This is my way of asking for respect for my professional scheduling and opens the door for mutual respect and my respect for your needs and fulfillment.


Intuitive Counseling - Guidance for the Heart and Soul
A one-hour psychic, intuitive reading. Via phone/skype or in person (your choice). PLEASE NOTE: A recording of our call will be emailed to you.
Price: $275.00
Intuitive Counseling Package 1
Package of three – a $825 value for $725. Recordings of our calls will be emailed to you.
Price: $825.00
Price: $725.00
Intuitive Counseling Package 2
A package of six – a $1650 value for $1500. Recordings of our calls will be emailed to you.
Price: $1,650.00
Price: $1,500.00