Learn to Read the Akashic Records

Learn to access the Akashic Records to have clear and accurate soul information for yourself and others. The Akashic Record energy field, or library, contains all knowledge for all souls for all time.

This training gives you the tools to have IMMEDIATE, DIRECT and RELIABLE access to soul level requests, both personally and professionally. Learn to communicate and commune with the reservoir of wisdom and support the Akashic Record field has to offer you. Feel confident that you can trust your guidance when you are connected to the Akashic Records and release information that comes to you in ways that are not accurate or true.


This course removes the soul-level fears that keep you from trusting and connecting fully in the world.

  • Develop powerful intuitive skills for yourself and others.
  • Clear the soul level challenges that have kept you from having easy access to your inherent gifts, strengths and purpose for this life.
  • Discover your soul heritage, home worlds, and the nature of your soul family.
  • A recognition of when you are truly working in the Akashic Field in any given moment.
  • Much more to be revealed as you commune with the Akashic Records.


Experience the joy and abundance that surfaces as you unite with this sacred world.


* In our Level 2 Training: Advanced Akashic Records: The Soul Portrait, you’ll learn how to identify Soul Groups, Home Worlds, Archangel Realms, Spirit Guides and Soul Contracts for yourself and others.

** Our 3rd Master Level Training: Soul Mastery Akashic Records Soul Clearing Training gives you the skills and ability to do Soul Mastery Soul Clearing as well as Akashic Record Soul Readings for yourself and others.  It’s also a curriculum that readily works in conjunction with other healing modalities that you may be previously trained in.


Learn to Read the Akashic Records (MP3s)
6 hours of training in MP3 format. Instant Download. This is a prerequisite to the Soul Mastery Soul Clearing Training. Supplemental support material is included.
Price: $389.00


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