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    • Manifest the bridge between the riches of your soul and your daily world
    • Live from your core purpose and true heart
    • Access your inner guidance and resources
    • Engage your deepest self that knows how to create intimate relationships

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    Connect to your soul right HERE, right NOW!

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    •Your soul purpose and ways to bring your gifts into the world.
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  • Akashic Record Soul Readings

    Have Susann access your Akashic Records for IMMEDIATE transformation!

    Access your Soul gifts and experience metamorphic change at your very core.

    THREE levels of TRAINING allow you to read the Akashic Records for yourself and others.

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  • Immersions

    Have you heard about Susann's 21-Day Immersions?

    She hosts 3-4 per year to help you identify, work with, and release soul level challenges - empowering you live a life of ease and joy!

    Learn about her most recent Immersion, and stay tuned for what's coming up!

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  • Soul Mastery

    Susann's first book of the acclaimed Soul Mastery Trilogy and the perfect place to start!
    Be sure to check out Susann's supporting books: Soul Radiance and Soul Reunion as ideal compliments for your personal journey.

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  • Soul Mastery Sessions

    A Session with Susann takes you on a life-changing journey!

    • BRIDGE the gap between your spiritual world and your life challenges.
    • Find your TRUE PURPOSE.
    • ATTRACT all you wish to create of well being, prosperity & joyful relationships.

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  • Monthly Sacred Soul Circle

    Join Susann and the Beloveds for an hour-long teleconference on the first Tuesday of every month

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I greet you in this special moment on your life path. You are welcome here!


For the past 25 years through my business: Soul Mastery™, I have witnessed countless miracles happen that many thought would never be possible.


MY SOUL PURPOSE is to inspire and uplift, and activate the power, passion and purpose of your heart and soul.


My life’s passion has been guiding wonderful souls, LIKE YOU, to:


– Identify and clear long-held physical and emotional limitations


– Reconnect to your soul source of strength and purpose


– Find the courage and confidence to maintain that abundant connection


– Go beyond clearing, processing and healing to a life that is created from your soul’s abundance, consciously designed by YOU.


Maybe you come with anxiety, chronic pain or feeling overwhelmed with life.  or are ready for a potent change in your life.


Your desire to know more, be more, and contribute more, brings you to this moment in time and place where you’re acknowledged for both your soul gifts and life challenges.


Regardless of the reason, a more meaningful life of purpose awaits you!


Simply click the book image to download your FREE eGuide and Meditation Exercise to Ignite Your UNIQUE Soul Purpose and Live Life on ALL CYLINDERS!   ⇒

Get Your FREE eGuide and More - NOW!

Upcoming Events

Susann CR 2016 Jumping Group


Our upcoming Costa Rica Retreat: Create From Infinite Possibilities ~ Retreat Adventure! from January 21-27, 2018 at Sugar Beach Resort is now live!  Visit us at www.soulradianceretreats.net !!

Irresistible Opportunities

Connect with Susann

A Session with Susann takes you on a life-changing journey!

BRIDGE the gap between your spiritual world and your life challenges.


ATTRACT all you wish to create of well being, prosperity & joyful relationships.

Learn which Soul Mastery Session is right for YOU by exploring the links below.

Monthly Soul Gathering

Monthly Sacred Soul Circle Nebula

Magnetize infinite possibilities for your life with Susann and her guides, The Beloveds

This monthly Soul infusion is definitely for you if:

  • You want clarity on a specific, vital choice you have to make.
  • You want to feel a greater connection to your soul purpose.
  • You want the guidance and resources to greater trust your current path.
  • You wish you could have a session or a reading with Susann.

Wisdom: The Book Trilogy


Accessing the Gifts of Your Soul

Open the doors to your Soul’s personal mission.

Now available as an mp3 audio book!


Bring Your Soul Riches to Life

Engage wholeheartedly in a Soul-directed life.


The Return Home from Separation

Reunion with the Divine is our purpose; embodiment of that union is our fulfillment.


@susannshier   On #HumanRightsDay, I stand with @hrw to defend human rights globally. #StandUp4HumanRights https://t.co/noTOp4W17X


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