Soul Mastery Sessions

A Soul Mastery session with Susann is designed to bring you connection to and embodiment of your soul gifts, strengths and purpose. It helps you resource your inherent wealth of spirit, which naturally clears the soul level challenges that have dampened your life’s fulfillment.

Become the outpouring of the expanded divine nature that you are!

Most clients find that the primary starting point for this connection and embodiment is through an Akashic Record Soul Reading and Clearing.

Her two newest offerings: Mediumship – Connect with your loved ones who have passed away and Akashic Records Past Life Reading/Journey are very powerful, specialized readings.

You may also feel drawn to Intuitive Counseling for the Heart and Soul.

Susann has made many avenues available for you to access your soul gifts, including teleclasses, workshops and training events. Also, numerous products have been created to assist you to find the practical, experiential means to live from your spirit’s wealth and know a soul-directed, heart-inspired life.

Listed below are the many ways Soul Mastery allows you to work with the abundant resources of your soul.  Scroll down for a more detailed description of each of these sessions.

  • Akashic Records
  • Soul Portrait
  • Soul Clearing
  • Soul Portrait and Soul Clearing
  • Intuitive Counseling for the Heart and Soul
  • Building And Property Clearing
  • Situational Clearings
  • Soul Journeys
  • Spirit Guides And Teachers
  • Develop your Innate Intuitive Nature
  • Soul Contracts and Agreements
  • Blueprint Re-patterning


Read examples of how Susann’s Soul Mastery work can assist you in your daily life

“Susann has been a trusted source for a series of awareness-deepening, horizon-expanding and profound healing experiences. I highly recommend” – Mary C.

“Since our session I have not experienced the stress I am used to (or was used to). No irritation when unforeseen things happened, and I met helpful people during those circumstances. I trusted my intuition and it followed with good effect.” – Bruno from Germany

“I am astounded at what transpired and shifted so profoundly of my whole reality in our session together. Susann walked me into the temple of light that now lives within and all around my being. I have discovered a new mind that is now my core essence and has moved me out of reaction and into observance of everything I experience leaving my frequency and energy sovereign. Creating from love is my new operating system and although I have no words to describe that freedom and joy I can say what I do now is make space for its opportunity. Who knew every day could be this magical? From my soul to yours, all those you lead are eternally grateful.” – Robin S.

“To My Dearest Soul Sister Susann,Thank you so much for facilitating my Akashic Record reading. Words cannot express my gratitude. To have further clarity and validation about this particular contract, and previous ones, is so precious.I truly now understand where “home” is and the importance of connecting there for grounding. You have brought a truly valuable piece of this incarnation to light and I am truly grateful. YOU and your work are extremely valuable and precious. THANK YOU. Much love!” – D.H.


“Susann has been a trusted source for a series of awareness-deepening, horizon-expanding and profound healing experiences. I highly recommend” – Mary C.


Most sessions last one hour. Each session is unique to your soul needs.

* I request a 24-hour cancellation policy for our session together. If you need to cancel due to illness or unforseen circumstances that arise, I do understand. This is my way of asking for respect for my professional scheduling and opens the door for mutual respect and my respect for your needs and fulfillment.


Soul Mastery Sessions

One-hour Individualized Session (initial or subsequent). Via phone/skype or in person (your choice). A recording of our call will be emailed to you.

Price: $225.00

Soul Mastery Sessions - Package 1

Package of three – a $675 value for $562.50. Receive half of one session FREE! Recordings of our calls will be emailed to you.

Price: $675.00
Price: $562.50

Soul Mastery Sessions - Package 2

A package of six – a $1350 value for $1125.00. Receive one full session FREE! Recordings of our calls will be emailed to you.

Price: $1,350.00
Price: $1,125.00


AFTER YOU REGISTER FOR A SESSION please contact Susann to set up your session time. Please mention time frames that work for you and your time zone.

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are an energetic library. They are the records of the knowledge of all Souls for all time. In the spiritual world, they hold the record of all events, actions, and feelings that have occurred and will occur. All the information about each of our Souls is stored on the Akashic Memory System. This includes its history, training, gifts, strengths, challenges, and even possible future outcomes.

Soul Portrait

This portrait describes your Soul essences, purposes, gifts, and challenges. We will look in detail at your Soul’s beginnings, heritage, families, and home worlds, as well as how all of this pertains to your present incarnation with its challenges and the contracts and agreements you have with those you value.

Soul Clearing

The Akashic records record the patterns your Soul is carrying that may currently inhibit you. These inhibiting patterns have come with your Soul into this incarnation, acquired in other lifetimes or other dimensions that your Soul has existed in. These disruptive energies I call Soul barnacles, as they are on the outer edge of the Soul and can be easily released and removed for all time, through working with the Akashic Records and the beings that heal through the Soul Records. With your permission, these imprints are cleared and resources of light and divine connection brought into the space around your Soul where the damage has been done that has caused your life to be halted in various ways. The Soul level clearing also immediately translates into the physical, mental and emotional levels of your present experience. This work clears the patterns that are in your Soul memory bank that limit you in your Soul purpose and Soul fulfillment and opens your Soul destiny plans.

Soul Portrait and Soul Clearing

Validate what you know in your deepest self to be true about who you are and the magnificence of what you have to bring. Portrait readings accentuate your Soul gifts, strengths and purposes. They explain much that you have questioned throughout your life, guiding you into further understanding of why you are here and what your Soul gifts are. Readings include a clearing of the restrictions and limitations you carry in your life that have a Soul dimension to them.

Intuitive Counseling for the Heart and Soul

As a trained holistic psychotherapist Susann uses techniques that address the heart and soul of the challenge that you find yourself in the midst of. Together we release old patterns from your body, mind and soul that have held you from experiencing your brilliance and breadth. Our sessions focus on developing your inherent resources, allowing your life to flourish from the inside out.

Building And Property Clearing

Protect your home, land, or work place by clearing interfering energies in each location. Locate and clear past or present life energies in the space around you that can affect you with blocked or restricted energy flow. Includes placement of protective spheres to shield from negative energies and increase the divinity of the space around you. This also applies to the clearing of the divine space that your pets hold.

Situational Clearings

Clear the situations in your life that are causing you fear or strife or a sense of powerlessness, be it a legal matter, a courtroom drama, a child’s school, an airplane or travel related situation, or a new sphere of influence you are going into such as a job, training or meeting the in-laws for the first time.

Soul Journeys

Take a journey to your home world that exists beyond the earth world to directly experience the magnificence of that world and the angelic friends and family that are there with you, and for you, while you are here in this world. Feel the profound love and connection you know with this world and those with you. Relish the profound sense of homecoming that says, “Welcome home. We are with you.” Allow this gift to be brought “back” with you to hold while in your life in the here and now that your soul purpose may be more deeply fulfilled.

Spirit Guides And Teachers

Connect personally with your spirit guides who you have specifically brought with you to help you bring the blueprint for your life into fulfillment. Know a deep relationship with these aspects of your spirit who are here and well trained to help you in your daily life. Learn how to speak directly with them and hear what they are saying to you. Learn their specific areas of assistance and input for your life.

Develop your Innate Intuitive Nature

Learn how to bring forth your intuition to guide your life. Learn the difference between your intuitive voice and your sabotaging voices. Discover how to use your intuition as your best friend and mentor. Allow your spirit to speak through your intuition easily and naturally.

Soul Contracts and Agreements

Reveal contracts, agreements and vows you have made or now carry with loved ones that have a profound impact on these relationships. Clear contracts with those that you are now choosing to release from your life.

Blueprint Re-patterning

Your Soul carries a blueprint that is unique to you for this incarnation. Re-pattern your DNA to the blueprint for your Soul destiny plan.

Each session is unique to your Soul needs, so contact Susann to discuss what your session would look like.


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