Akashic Record Soul Reading and Clearing for Your Children

June 21st–August 1st, 2019

It’s summer time and our children and grandchildren are in the forefront.

We want the best for our children. That is a life long desire, rightly so.

You, as a conscious and wonderful soul, want your children to feel their own sense of self, purpose, clear direction and way of being in the world, if at all possible.

You may not be in charge of them, but you certainly can assist them to open the realm of their soul self and help them release the soul challenges that may be holding them back in any area of their life.

Our children and grandchildren are so precious to us.
Our children are vital parts of our world.

They may not always express it directly, but at a soul level they do truly “look” to you for guidance with the enfoldment of their lives.

Perhaps in this moment you are simply worried about them and want more for them and their well being. This is understandable and a genuine pulsation of your parental love-filled heart. You may long for them to have a better soul viewpoint of their world, or a better feeling of place in this world of ours.

I have a fabulous way that you can deeply and meaningfully help them.

Our children matter and your care for them matters!!!!!


I am offering a special discount on an Akashic Record Soul Reading and Clearing
for any of your children or grandchildren – no matter what their age
from June 21 to July 31, 2019.


Many of you have had an Akashic Record Soul Reading and Clearing with me.

This is a beautiful opportunity to open and gift the experience of soul transformation you had to your children and grandchildren.

“I want to tell everyone the amazing change in my 11YO sons behavior after I did an Akashic Record soul reading with Susann. This reading was done using me as a conduit for my son. I really didn’t know what to expect from this experience as I had never had an Akashic Record soul reading for myself. My son was constantly angry and combative towards the rest of the family and nothing was working to relieve this anger for any period of time. With the help of other energy healers I was able to reduce the duration of the outbursts but they were still happening. I’m thrilled to say that after a 30 minute session with Susann 2 weeks ago, my son has become playful and happy. Even when he is disappointed, he expresses himself with words but there is no anger behind those words and the nasty tantrums have completely stopped. What an amazing transformation. I’m looking forward to having sessions done for all of my children.” ~ Mary Lee
I sent my daughter the recording of our session once I spoke to her. She has listened to it and had a profound awakening from the clearing. I am very proud of her subsequent actions because I know that took a great deal of strength.”  ~ Sally
My son immediately shifted from the time you and I spent and morphed into his old playful, lighthearted self that I had not seen in awhile. I am so grateful to have the real him back.” ~ KL
My Akashic Reading for my son was both powerful & clearing. It was an incredibly rewarding experience for both my son & myself. Thank you Susann.” ~ SH
It was so amazing to feel that eternal heart connection with my daughter at such an indescribable level. To touch her true power source and assist her to bring it in was such a huge gift. I am forever grateful for us both.” ~ LH


Now is a great time for you to gift this to your loved ones 

and feed your heart and soul at the same time!


Akashic Record Soul Reading and Clearing for Children and Grandchildren Details:
I can work with your children or grandchildren personally over the phone, or Skype.
** Or, I will work with them through you, as a surrogate experience.
** They do not need to understand all the soul and spirit dimensions like you do.
** We will need their soul’s permission. We obtain that if they are over 16 by asking them what they would like help with, or wish to change in their life. You will just let them know that you are happy to assist them with whatever that is.
**If they are under 16 you are sufficiently umbilically connected for permission.
**If they are your grandchildren, you will need some kind of permission from their parents.
Please contact me if you have questions around this. Spirit knows how to work magic when the lines are clear.
  • This means that I can work with your children or grandchildren no matter where they reside around the world. You just need to give me their name, date of birth if you have it, and city and state where they live.
  • I will either speak with them directly or with you for the half hour session.
  • I will work with the Akashic Records Beings and the Guides of their soul.
  • I will look into their Akashic Records to receive the wisdom and information to address their specific needs.

I am so excited to be with your children, and with you, 

for this profoundly transforming session!


Akashic Record Soul Reading and Clearing for Your Children and Grandchildren

July 2019 Special

Only $99

Click here to set up your session today!


Akashic Record Soul Reading and Clearing for Your Children
Akashic Record Soul Reading and Clearing for Your Children
Price: $175.00
Price: $99.00

An Akashic Record Soul Reading and Clearing with Susann will help your children and grandchildren:
  • Gain a sense of purpose
  • Allow them to feel the nature of their gifts and strengths for this lifetime
  • Access the ability to work with challenges they brought in
  • Feel at home here and be happy with who they are
  • Feel they belong and can have genuine friends and family who support and love them
  • Help them be the well-adjusted leaders you see them to be
  • Nurture the empathetic and sensitive child to find their core and sense of self
  • And so much more that will come out during the reading that is unique to the one you love.
For your intuitive, sensitive children: Do you have an intuitively sensitive child and want to learn how to best support their intuitive gifts, and their sensitive, even empathic nature, with the struggles that come with their special soul? An Akashic Record session can give you ways to assist them be all that they came to be.

For your teenagers:
  • Clear patterns such as bullying, feeling like they don’t fit (especially important for middle and high school students) that they don’t need to carry forward
  • For those prone to drug and alcohol abuse it will help them understand their soul’s urges and come up with Plan B to satisfy what they are actually longing for
  • Assist them to not go through “Teenage Hell”
For the little ones:
  • Discover their soul gifts and strengths to help understand how to guide them best
  • Understand their shortcomings (ADHD, Autism, etc.) to best contribute to these special souls for their greatness, and not their so-called weaknesses.


An Akashic Record Soul Reading and Clearing for your children 

is not only a gift for them but for you. 


One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is peace of heart that your children are connected to their soul and its guidance, and free of the burdens and challenges that have held them back in ways you know too well. 

Peace and thriving IS the gift of this clearing. 

Are you ready to give your children and grandchildren the deepest, the most real gift possible that will change the trajectory of their life forever?

As a summertime gift to you, and to them, I am offering these clearings for only $99 from June 21-July 31.


I so honor you as a parent and am thrilled to assist you to provide your children with what they need in order to be all that they can be.
Akashic Record Soul Reading and Clearing for Your Children
Akashic Record Soul Reading and Clearing for Your Children
Price: $175.00
Price: $99.00


2 comments on “Akashic Record Soul Reading and Clearing for Your Children

  1. Hi Susan,
    May I know do I need to have a akashic reading with you first before I can take the offer for my children? And do I buy 3 sessions if I want to do for my 3 adult children? For the age 30, 27 n 24..

    Much thanks!

    • Hi Mary, No, you don’t need to do an akashic reading with Susann first. And yes, you can buy 3 sessions for your 3 children. The special offer is still up through the end of the today. Thanks so much!

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