Live From Infinite Possibilities

May 10th–24th, 2024

Feel at Home on Earth in Your Multidimensional Self

Fifteen days and Three (3) LIVE Immersive webinars


Set Your Soul Free


Bring your natural gift of connection to infinite oneness 

and the vastness of creation fully into embodied manifestation


Your soul holds the keys to universal abundance, naturally.


Know that there is a glorious place here for your astounding soul, while honoring your sensitivity, your intuitive abilities, and your sense that you are a very expanded soul, trying your best to contribute in ways that are true to your unique gift.

This is a wildly successful and carefully crafted program for sensitive beings, empaths, healers, and multidimensional souls who have difficulty here, know you give too much, or take on others’ energies unwittingly.


Master your ability to thrive, with an open heart,

in ALL ways on Earth

as you expand your capacity to bring

your unique and beautiful gifts.


I have been assisting those of you who are existing, right now, in Parallel Universes for over thirty years.

I understand the deep nature of your challenges that come from being in this earth world that feels so limiting and unsafe.

I have great compassion for how harsh this reality is compared to what your soul senses when you go out to that vast and free quantum field that feels so much more comfortable and like your real home.

You haven’t had the knowledge of how to connect your expansive spiritual connection with your everyday experience, even after dedicated practice for years.



***Be embraced, transformed and alive
as you feel at home on earth in your multidimensional self.***


This is your time to feel safe, confident and heart centered
while bringing the fullness of your connection
to Parallel Existences into the world.


Do any of these feelings ring true for you?

  • You have the tendency to go up and out of your body when you’re stressed.
  • You’re overwhelmed by other people’s energies and resign that there is nothing you can do because you’re an empath.
  • You hesitate to reveal a bigger presence in your world because you fear that you won’t be understood, you’ll be rejected, or you’ll be harmed by others who seem to have more power than you.
  • You feel the only way to handle suffering in the world is to shut off and isolate, with the feeling there is no place for you here.
  • You long to feel truly at home on earth, while you hold your infinite universal nature sacred.

If so, expect to transform:

  • Being overly-giving to feeling deeply LOVED.
  • Contracted in fear to feeling radiantly BRAVE.
  • Feeling you have nothing to offer, to knowing the value of your JOYFUL CONTRIBUTION.
  • Feeling emotionally drained, to feeling you can HANDLE ANYTHING.

During this potent and life-changing 15-day immersion designed specifically for multidimensional souls like you, expect to transform:

  • Shift out of your physical and emotional challenges that keep you feeling in limitation, and even imprisoned, not able to open to your soul purpose.
  • Move past the feeling that you don’t “fit” or belong here.
  • Feel truly seen and understood.
  • Know how to allow your empathic nature to be a strength, not a weakness.
  • Drop your propensity to be overly emotionally drawn into everything going on in your world.

Imagine shifting from:

  • Being overly-giving to feeling deeply loved.
  • Living contracted in fear to feeling radiantly alive.
  • Feeling “homeless” here on earth, to feeling you can come out of hiding to be your unique and expansive self.
  • Showing up as a “hot mess” to being an abiding, peaceful presence.

During our 15-day / Three (3) LIVE webinar immersive event:

  • This is your great opportunity to RELEASE and RESET your tendencies to be too sensitive, and overly empathic, as you inadvertently take on others energies.
  • Finally feel FREE.
  • You will heighten your beautiful capacity to share your GIFTS as the amazing soul that you are. 
  • Together we will deepen your natural transformational abilities to MANIFEST and to not just heal but TRANSFORM.
  • Cultivate your unique ability to bring in dimensions beyond this world to your world – for the benefit of ALL.
  • Experience the visceral embodiment of DIVINE LOVE.

AND, expect to gain:  

  • The ability to listen to your soul and your heart to guide you ALWAYS.
  • An immense vitality and healing energy to contribute your gifts with EASE and CONFIDENCE.
  • The means to have co-creative relationships that UNDERSTAND you.
  • A buoyant heart and deep reverence for your life and all you CAN ACCOMPLISH.


THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY to reset the way you live life on planet earth, for both yourself and for the planet, for they go together hand and glove.

THIS IS THE MEANS to create a heart-centered focus for your world, and thus the world you draw to you.

THIS IS THE WAY to gain personal power from the divine to charge your mastery of being fully alive in the world – just as it is.

You are an ESSENTIAL ingredient in bringing the new world into form.


I am here to fully support you in your universal magnificence of divine sensitivity and empathic nature flourishing HERE and NOW. 


This is your opportunity to fully engage the beautiful gift of your remarkable soul connection to empower you to be your unique expression of the divine.


Each of our 15 days we will establish
a deeper relationship to your universe!


What occurs during the immersion
will continue to expand and blossom for years to come.


Live From Infinite Possibilities

Feel at Home on Earth in Your Multidimensional Self

May 10, 2024 – May 24, 2024

Set Your Soul Free

Three (3) LIVE group training calls over 15 days 
with Susann and our
collection of guidance from all our Parallel Universes.

*Rest assured, if you miss a live session, a recording of the call is always sent within 24 hours!

During this unparalleled 3-session class, move from being a helpless empath, to receiving the “Empaths’ Guide to Thriving!”

Because the classes are live, much of what we create will come through in the moment because our guidance collective (both yours and mine) will be actively participating. Therefore, the flow will be organic, but will include the topics listed below.

Class 1 Focus:
How to move past the feeling that you don’t “fit” or belong here.
How to feel truly seen and understood
How to rise out of powerlessness to activate the changes you want and deserve.

Class 2 Focus:
How to allow your empathic nature to be a strength, not a weakness.
How to drop your propensity to be overly emotionally drawn into everything going on in your world.
How to feel genuine joy, even while others suffer.
How to safely develop your natural intuitive abilities, without fear of picking up all the energies around you.

Class 3 Focus:
Learn how to move beyond your physical and emotional challenges that keep you feeling in limitation, and even imprisoned, not able to open to your soul purpose.
Reunite with your universal home world and base as an anchor for life on planet earth.


I had been very ill and frustrated …Susann actively and compassionately listened and then actually made sense of my journey here — from my soul’s perspective. I am gaining my health back and my confusion and frustration is pretty much gone. I’d say that the reading you gave me was the beginning of my physical turnaround.” ~ Holly G.
Thank you so much for giving me the inner strength to stop the poverty/fear loop and say yes to what I know is possible. I am on a whole new track.” ~ Sally F.
I really would like to thank you for the wonderful way you guided us through the 21 days of Immersion. My analysis of a problem of my client is more accurate and has less judgment so people are really happy with it. I managed to get a great work assignment. It was not difficult to close the deal and they are really happy with me. This all makes me so happy to genuinely hold my true power.” ~ Mijke


Live From Infinitie Possibilities

Registration Price $96.00


  Three live immersive calls with Susann on May 10, May 17, and May 24 from 12-1:30 pm PST

  Replay recordings of each live session

  Downloadable Audio Files so you can listen to the teaching anywhere you go

  Lifetime Course Access


Live Session Dates (each session is 1.5 hours long):

Friday, May 10 at 12 noon PST / 3 pm EST / 8 pm GMT

Friday, May 17 at 12 noon PST / 3 pm EST / 8 pm GMT

Friday, May 24 at 12 noon PST / 3pm EST / 8 pm GMT

* If you can’t attend a live session, a recording will be sent to you immediately after the call.


Live From Infinite Possibilities
Live From Infinite Possibilities
THREE SESSIONS TOTAL: Three (3) LIVE Immersive webinars to set your soul free and bring your natural gift of connection to infinite oneness and the vastness of creation fully into embodied manifestation
Price: $96.00


Thank you again for all the wonderful resources that you are teaching us. They are so valuable to me. It feels like opening a stream of energy, of power that was there all along but remained closed up for all the many reasons we know. And now slowly, it’s being given the permission to come in again, to be grounded in and anchored in again, to be received and merged with again.” ~ Claire from France
What I took away from it is that I can take Eternal Life (and all it is comprised of) with me and create my life from this holy and powerful place instead of thinking I am all alone and “doing” life by myself.  This way puts way too much strain on the will, although the will is very important, but it shouldn’t be expected to do all the work. This is coming from a belief in separation. This is a huge difference in how I have lived my life, although I have prayed and meditated for many years.  Although prayer and meditation has been exceedingly helpful in how I live my life, what you teach is a more intimate, more exact, more specific way to live in connection with the Divine and create from this space.  WOW! Thank you, Susann.” ~ Sarah H
I just want to tell you how greatly I appreciate your guidance through the Immersion. It has given me a new sense of self and an awesome reminder that I am not drifting aimlessly in this human experience. PS: A special thanks for answering ALL my questions.” ~ Rudi



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