Magnetize Love & Prosperity Course

Magnetize Love


Magnetize your prosperity and love Into Reality – You Can Have it All!


What would your life be like if you were sure you would succeed; if you knew you were utterly taken care of no matter how you choose to love and prosper?


You hold the dream, the intuitive knowing, the vision, or the desire for what you want to create – now.


Susann’s  Magnetize Love & Prosperity Course will give you the means to activate abundance in your life.



Check Mark.  Learn the secret to soulful manifestation of everything you choose.

Check Mark.  Gain sacred entrance to the unstoppable potency of Spirit, to galvanize your visions and intuitive knowing into reality.


This course gives you DIRECT, EXPERIENTIAL TOOLS to be fully available to land in the field of your dreams and transform them into the tangible.  This could include a new purpose-filled career or entrepreneurial opportunity, a relationship, a creative endeavor or all of the above.


“The Magnetize Love & Prosperity Course was the divine piece of myself that I have been waiting for all my life. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderfully blessed I feel to experience what I did with you. Thank you so much, dear Susann!” – Janice


“Thank you for your training on Magnetizing Love & Prosperity. I feel held and supported and connected to all that is. How could I fail? Bring it in, manifest, reveal, and nurture. Lovingly grateful.” – Janice


In this three-part program, Susann guides you through the following powerful topics:

Session One: Magnetize Love!

– Journey deep into the universal heart of creation and KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that you are always held, supported, taken care of, and deeply loved in all you create.

– Discover how to drop all your excuses for shining brightly in the world.

– Have a love affair with your authentic creative self.

– Know that you are always taken care of in all you create.


Session Two: Magnetize Prosperity!

– Experience your vital relationship to masculine creator energy that propels you forward and gets your motivation to magnetize activated.

– Embody your ability to deliver and succeed in all that you value.

– Seed all your creations with “Let there be Light!”

– Know that you cannot fail!


Session Three: You CAN Have it ALL! 

– Magnetize a clear, soulful relationship with money, to support you in having the quality of life you choose now!

– Dissolve what locks you into pushing love, prosperity and success away.

– Develop the confidence to be in creative command of your life.

– Revel in the union of love and prosperity.

– Access the “treasure chest” within you that knows you can have it all!


Use the powerful Magnetize Love & Prosperity Course to REGROUP.  This is your magic moment to develop and activate the means to be in creative command of our life ~ to activate love and prosperity in the tangible.


Deeply drink in the revelation of your true magnetic self in ALL you choose to create!



Magnetize Love & Prosperity Program
A course to activate happiness and abundance in your life. 3 hours of MP3 Material. Instant Download
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