Embrace Your Life as a Sacred Creation Course

Live from the Heart of Love


If you felt called to attend our amazing 14-Day Immersion “Embrace Your Life As A Sacred Creation,” but you couldn’t join us live, we have some wonderful news!


We’re offering the the pre-recorded Immersion sessions and daily meditation exercises to work with on your OWN SCHEDULE.



In this 14 Day Immersion Intensive we explore …


  • How to step out of the path of struggle and overwhelm.

  • How to know money as a sacred creation.

  • How to take the quantum leap from manifesting to creating.

  • How to move into the miracle field of freedom – fully in sync with the rhythms of the universe.

  • How to shift from a low sense of self to a deep sense of meaning and value.

  • How to connect and commune in all of your relationships as sacred creations.

  • How to experience the depth of intimacy you long for.

  • How to give yourself permission to shine from your happy place – with your cup running over with the joy of being alive.

  • How to succeed as a grand creator – continually.


This is indeed a BOUNTY of nourishment and tools to surround yourself in the energy of sacred creation, and deepen your life into a holy, sanctified reality – powered by the Heart of Love.


“Opulent Expression! Qualities of Freedom, Leadership, Creation & Transformation. During this retreat I was in a place of excitement dreaming what is possible with ALL of us.”- Colleen


With 14+ days’ worth of mp3 recordings, including 5 sessions, receive wisdom, intuitive guidance and meditative journeys we’ll activate the frequencies of LIFE as a sacred creation in EVERY moment!


AND, you’ll receive personal email/phone support from Susann for up to 60 days from the date of purchase. She will actively support you on your journey!


PLUS, you’ll have access to our ongoing private Immersion Facebook Group where you can share in the comfort of like-minded others as you live from the heart, and know Love is ALWAYS with you.


Love yourself enough live YOUR LIFE as a SACRED CREATION!


Embrace Your Life as a Sacred Creation Online Course
Embrace Your Life as a Sacred Creation Online Course
14+ days of digital content to activate the frequencies of your life as a sacred creation in EVERY moment! Includes 5 session recordings, daily exercises and meditations.
Price: $247.00
Price: $119.00