Immersion in The Field of Infinite Possibilities Course

Embody Your Universal Nature ~ Embrace Your Epic Unfolding


If you felt called to attend our amazing 21 Day Immersion in The Field of Infinite Possibilities Retreat, but you couldn’t join us in June, we have some wonderful news!

We’re offering the entire Immersion sessions and daily meditation activities to work with on your OWN SCHEDULE.


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Reunite With The Expanse Of All That You Are!


Connect to the Field of Infinite Possibilities Where Inspiration and Abundance Dwells

There’s so much Joy, Abundance, Adventure and Magic to be known!


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Within 21 days worth of mp3 recordings, including 5 sessions, receive wisdom, intuitive guidance and meditative journeys from the field of Infinite Possibilities for joyful, meaningful living. 


This is indeed a BOUNTY of nourishment and tools to catalyze your confidence and courage and sense of soulful security in your inherent gifts,  soul strengths and purpose. 




Purple checkmark Feeling like you TRULY belong here.
Purple checkmark Finding the inner peace of feeling UNDERSTOOD.
Purple checkmark Knowing the universe of ONENESS as your home base.



The 21-Day Immersion in The Field of Infinite Possibilities gives you the means to engage with the deepest, most PROFOUND RESOURCES of your soul to live from the most clear, joy-filled connection available. 


“I have so enjoyed waking each morning to find a wonderful message helping us to get closer to where we came from! Susann is so nurturing and caring for us all. What a wonderful feeling to be included in such an amazing group of souls! Thank you to everyone for all the you have brought to this immersion!!  – Sharon


“I look back at how I felt three weeks ago and how I feel now and there is such a notable difference. I feel more expanded, connected, lighter, joyful and, yes, that so much more is possible. I’ve enjoyed the deliciousness of reuniting with life-enhancing feeling sensations and the fun visuals that accompany them. I’ve seen shifts in my outer world as well. What journey we’ve taken and I’m so grateful for everyone’s input that helped to guide and enrich the experience.” – Linda



This training is filled with sessions, exercises and meditations to:


  • Be immersed in the Field of the Infinite for 21 Days.

  • Explore how to implicitly trust your vast guidance system.

  • Help you experience Love as your ever-present GPS.

  • Find your place of safety even within the challenging human context.

  • Discover your sense of purpose here.

  • Live from the deep abiding wisdom you know you innately hold.

  • Help you feel loved and supported simply for being YOU.




“With the guidance of Love, I am fully connected to Infinite Possibilities in the creation of my health, work, relationships and pure pleasure as I fully live this earth journey. My primary state of being is that of Joy as I embrace adventure after adventure. My vibration raises higher and grows stronger and I am clearly connected with the legion of beings supporting this incarnation. I am free to create the life I long for.” – Lydia

“Yesterday I played in the beautiful infinite beyond, which is really the beautiful infinite within. I imagined the spinning dial of choice I was shown during our first call inside my heart. I connected to the energy of what it feels like to have infinite choice in my life, to create my life, and invited this vibration to live in every cell of my body. I held this energy sacred. I didn’t direct it to do anything, to have any result, rather just be. It simply felt good to play in the energy and that was enough. And I asked for help. Last night I fell asleep easily and slept through the night. I haven’t done this for months. After one day of being in infinite possibilities I’ve experienced as shift – proof to me that change happens quickly when accessing energy from other dimensions. I forgot who I was for a while. How delicious to remember. Thanks for awakening the spark.” – Linda


Imagine Having in 21 Days …


Purple checkmarkA strong BRIDGE between your spiritual world and your daily life

Purple checkmarkA deep sense of SECURITY that you always have what you need as your guides work in tandem with you.

Purple checkmarkA KNOWING that your intuitive voice can be trusted wholeheartedly whether you see, feel or hear it.

Purple checkmark Unconditional LOVE streaming in continuously.

Purple checkmark The ABILITY to use your intuitive gifts in your current healing practices with ease and accuracy.

“It’s wonderful to wake up every morning knowing there is an important message of love awaiting me in my inbox. I intend to re-listen to the recordings each morning until I become the messages, as there is such a wealth of knowledge in them. So much to assimilate, there is infinite unfolding to be had on these adventures.” – Nikki


“My sense after the 21 days is the Embodiment of the Spirit in every cell of my body. This was the tingling I felt throughout my body. Bringing the gifts from the Journeys into the Sacred Heart and then through the whole body. Galactic Gratitude to Susann and Spirit.” – Colleen B



The 21 Day Immersion in the Field of Infinite Possibilities Course is like no other training you’ll find ANYWHERE.


purple star This is true especially for those of you who exist in PARALLEL UNIVERSES. It’s an essential avenue for you to allow these remarkable gifts you have to be alive and well in you. It is SO needed at this timepurple star


Susann’s guidance collective, the Beloveds, want you to know the freedom of FULFILLMENT guided by JOY and CREATION as your everyday MIRACLE. The power of creation through the channel of Love is the authentic universal power available to assist you to create all that has value to you.



 21 Day Immersion In The Field of Infinite Possibilities Course
Catalyze your confidence and courage and sense of soulful security in your inherent gifts, soul strengths and purpose. Engage with the deepest, most PROFOUND RESOURCES of your soul. Includes 21 days of life-changing content and growth. Includes 5 session recordings, daily meditations and activations.
Price: $297.00
Price: $119.00


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