Union with the Sacred Heart

Learn how to truly live from your heart…

Let your outer world be a reflection of your longing to know divine union.
Embrace your connection to the vastness of Spirit held within your sacred heart. In this workshop we open, explore and ignite the wellspring of your sacred heart, our main receptor site for activating our Spirit’s wealth for ALL we wish to create.

  • The sacred heart holds the vast power of universal connection, abundance of Love, and the continuum of the divine that we need to move forward in our lives.
  • At this time, my guides, who I know as the Beloveds, that brought forth my latest book, Soul Reunion, The Return Home From Separation, are present in a very special way to assist you to experience deep connection to your sacred heart.

The joy of experiencing union with infinite Love is truly knowing home. My guides, the Beloveds, are ready to open your gateways of deepest longings to be filled with Love’s resources. And you can be sure this means that so much more will reveal itself when we come together than is known at this present time!

May you reunite with your sacred nature and live from that holy dwelling place within. Give yourself this time and space to expand into the largeness of your soul’s wealth. Become the outpouring of that expanded nature that you are.

Union With The Sacred Heart Workshop (MP3)
Reunite with your sacred nature and expand into the largeness of your soul’s wealth. 45 Minute MP3 Instant Download.
Price: $49.00

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