Build the Bridge from Loss to Love


A healing workshop to change your precious life forever …


 It’s never too late to discover the hidden gold in the wound of your losses.


Feelings of loss are with us daily, as the pace of the changing world speeds up. Loss can stem from loss of financial stability, a change of residence, loss due to acts of nature, relationship loss including all types, even a loss of innocence.

Deep loss and subsequent grief can open the heart to an illuminated way of looking at the world, our relationship to it and the people in it. This is particularly poignant and timely in light of the increasing mass tragedies we’re experiencing as a collective these days.

We all feel the impact of the inordinate amount of suffering that’s occurring on the planet. No one is exempt and no one can live in a bubble anymore.

This course is an opportunity to heal, re-empower, realign and continue to move toward the greater Love that awaits us all, rather than numbing ourselves in the myriad of ways we are habitually drawn to.


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We all experience loss in our lives, whether it’s the loss of loved ones, relationships, jobs, homes, community or our ever-changing selves.

Yet, there is a way to view these challenges and the accompanying emotions as stepping stones to knowing greater Love.  

Discover how your heart and soul want you to hold the process of loss, whether it’s experienced through death or loss of ANY kind in your precious life.

Transform your pain into to a deeper, richer connection with spirit and infinite Love in very real ways.


  • Are you ready to find a whole new way to handle the devastating impact that loss and grief has had in your life?

  • Are you done feeling abandonment, resentment, anger or pain that draws you to protect, defend or isolate yourself from love, life and others?

  • Do you want to get to the other side of loss with your heart still available to love?



 In this 4 hour workshop you will …

teal checkmark 2 Create NEW PATHWAYS in your heart that incorporate what you love, rather than having to guard and protect your heart to move forward in your life.

teal checkmark 2 Gain the RESOURCES to navigate your losses in life without having to break down and collapse – as you create a new relationship with loss and grief.

teal checkmark 2 Generate a heart filled with GENUINE LOVE to activate a prosperous YOU.

teal checkmark 2 Discover the secrets of holding the VALUE and MEANING your loved ones and past experiences gave you.

teal checkmark 2 Navigate the rocky road of loss and change with GRACE and EASE to the knowing of the sure-footed nature of Love’s presence.


There IS a way to handle these experiences and emotions as stepping stones to knowing greater love.


We can use this time of grief to create space in our hearts to find the inner remedies for these deep inner crises. There is indeed a way through when we see a clear path before us through the eyes of Love.

The universe of Love is always available to us to help us prevail over loss and grief.

Build The Bridge From Loss To Love re-fortifies the emotional muscle that handles our traumatic times so we have a clear path to magnetize the love and prosperity we want and deserve.


Love awaits you ALWAYS.



Build the Bridge from Loss to Love Workshop
Build the Bridge from Loss to Love Workshop
As featured on DailyOM. Four (4) hours of healing material to help you move forward with love and understanding. MP3 Instant Download.
Price: $197.00

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