The Soul’s Majesty Series

Tap into the wellspring of your soul’s compass to guide you where you long to be…


  • Are you feeling the urgency of your soul calling you to create a NEW LEVEL of you but you don’t know how to bring it forward?
  • Have you asked yourself how YOU can contribute during this historical shift in time?
  • Are you ready to listen to your heart and soul to KNOW how to unlock your greatness of purpose?


If you feel yourself answering “yes”, longing for more, or desiring to truly know where to go from here, read on. Your heart and soul are already telling you how to unlock your greatness of purpose.  All you need is a new approach to listening.

EVERY topic in this series includes a guided meditative journey that gives you ready access to your soul’s wealth to brilliantly manifest in any area of life that you choose. The wisdom and gifts you receive will be unique with each meditative journey as your soul knows exactly what you need and desire to activate the song of your life.


The Soul’s Majesty Topics:

  1. Soulful Manifestation – What if your longings and desires were the voice of your Soul, calling you to reunite with its unique riches and the pool of universal abundance it is connected to? Discover how to manifest your dreams from the Soul, with practical tools you can use in a moments notice.
  2. The Soulful Entrepreneur – To be a true entrepreneur in life or career you must be connected to the field of all of creation so that you are soulfully creating those endeavors you are passionate about. Move out of the level of survival in relationship to your job, career, dream or passion, especially in relationship to acquiring money around what you love to do.
  3. Freedom: Traversing the Unknown – Soul freedom fills you with the expansive knowing of limitless possibilities for creation. Uncover the secret to releasing soul level fears that keep us from knowing deep, lasting freedom.
  4. Soul Love – This majestic expression of the soul includes the sense of not only feeling loved and cherished but seen and understood. Learn how to clear the fears that have kept you form uniting with the wealth of the love you know is your birthright.
  5. Resting in the Heart of the Beloved – This time of challenge in relationship to money is showing the collective that deeper than the compulsion to have money and success is the soul necessity to know love and true security. Live from the deep space of knowing that abundance is your natural wellspring.
  6. Ignite Your Intuition: the Voice of Your Soul – In this ever changing time of great unknown, what is the one thing we each inherently carry that we can trust to guide us in our life? Our intuition! Gain simple, profound methods to access your intuitive guidance to bring you clarity, direction, support and unconditional love
  7. Longing for Spiritual Family – It is vital to honor this necessity of having spiritual family. Clear the path to be able to create this beautiful presence of the love and joy of knowing true family easily in your life. We will release all that keeps you from feeling seen and understood by this wonderful family of yours.
  8. Reunion with Spiritual Family – Many feel a deep sadness linked to the lack of supportive, fulfilling family in our lives. This is your opportunity to reclaim your birthright – the deep abiding knowing of what it means to hold the presence of spiritual family in your life. As we hold this truth sacred, we will draw to us those who embody the spirit of home and family in our lives.
  9. Celebration! The Union of Heart and Soul – Deeply feel what it means to experience the celebration known when we unify our sacred heart and our expansive soul. This is the means for creating the riches of inner prosperity that we may take with us wherever we are!
  10. Joy, the Soul’s Fulfillment – Yes, our expression of joy is the means of feeling what it is to be held in the universal heart, guided by the limitless possibilities for creation that the soul brings through us. This is your time to know that expression, to have and to hold, from this day forward.


This deeply masterful program reunites you with the majestic riches that your Soul is ready to bring to you on a silver platter.  Trust The Soul’s Majesty Program to guide you to establish your PERSONAL COMPASS, ignited by your soul’s inner GPS as your spiritual navigation tool, to thrive in the powerful new reality before us.


 “Now I know what it means to have my emotional and mental concerns of everyday be brought into play with my spirit’s purpose. It’s not enough to stay with just a psychological approach to my growth. I am thrilled with what is opening up in my life. It’s not just about healing, but transformation” – DC

“Understanding your soul’s purpose and identity gives an instant awareness of the “why” in the choices and events in your life. The first session with Susann gives instant recognition in an amazing wave of remembrance.  Suddenly it all makes sense.  You then move forward in your life with a wonderful sense of purpose, completeness, peace and joy.”  – EC

“Susann’s work brought me into a deep connection with my resources of wisdom and inner guidance as I had never experienced so profoundly. These resources are alive and flourishing now in my daily life.” – CS


The Soul's Majesty Series
A masterful collection of 10 topics to ignite your soul’s inner GPS for health, wealth and happiness. 10 hours of MP3 material. Instant download.
Price: $389.00
Price: $89.00

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