Living A Soul Directed Life

Learn the secret to a soulful, expanded life!

This highly experiential workshop will show you how to use your intuitive wisdom as the key to manifesting your soul purpose.

  • Join us to ignite your soul’s voice and let it sing and dance in your life.
  • Discover how to let your life expression be a reflection of your soul’s guidance.
  • Discover how to move forward in life in a way that uses all of your gifts and purposes.

The Living a Soul Directed Life Workshop will teach you how to listen with accuracy to your true intuitive guidance system inherent within you that comes from a place of innocent perception combined with a sense of expanded connection to all knowledge and wisdom needed in any moment.

  • Do you long to know how to let your life purpose be alive and well in your daily life?
  • Do you want to make your choices based on spirit’s pulsations?
  • Do you wish to live from your heart by knowing how to recognize your heart’s voice?
  • Increase your ability to receive the riches of truth that your soul wishes to share with you.
  • Unblock the fear keeping you from trusting and using your soul’ s voice to manifest from the level of your true purpose.
  • Experience clarity in how to make soul directed choices in your life.

In this ever changing time of great unknown, what is the one thing we each inherently carry that we can trust to guide us in our life: our soul’s voice! This workshop will show you how to use your soul gifts in creating the life you long for.

As you learn to listen to your inner knowing as your soul’s voice, you will have the guidance and direction you need to live from spirit’s wisdom and Love’s bliss. In essence, you will advance to the place of knowing that your guidance system is truly, wholeheartedly co-creating your life experience continually.

The guides who have brought themselves forward to deliver this information carry a trustworthy and revered wisdom and love. That has been honored and respected by many over the years.

Living a Soul Directed Life Workshop MP3
Use your intuitive wisdom as the key to manifesting your soul purpose. 2 Hours of MP3 Material. Instant Download.
Price: $131.00
Price: $49.00

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