Life is the inspired action of Love

This is such a bountiful time to be inspired and encouraged by Spirit’s movement through so many who are holding Love as our primary focus.

Don’t worry about the world.
Don’t focus on keeping the world from suffering.
Don’t try to keep others from living life the way they see it.

I have seen so many beautiful emails, videos, news broadcasts, etc., of what this world is made of when inspired action is birthed from Love – the genuine article.

I support you in any way you choose to bring your heart’s desire forward.

This may mean more quiet meditation, more front line action or anything in between that that inspires and encourages you in the name of life blossoming and expanding.



Also, here is a wonderful quote from The Mystic’s Message that I want to share, in case you’re not feeling uplifted in the ways that I am portraying today.

By Ray Rolando
January 23, 2017


All, with everything you have been through, you are not possibly thinking of giving up now, are you? You cannot! Well, you can… it’s just that you might not actually want to. Many of you believe dark times have befallen you, and the Great Nation that is America. This could not be further from the WHOLE truth. It may be a small absolute truth, for a time. But it is most certainly not the ultimate truth.




To the inspired action of Love bringing forth your daily magic and miracles,

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