The Year of the Rooster of Creation!

In Chinese astrology, on January 28, we begin the Year of the fiery Rooster.

The Rooster personifies strength and is naturally assertive and filled with pride for who he is. He loves to announce the dawn of a new day.

This is real cosmic undergirding to support you in showing your brilliance!

As we walk into a new year shaping itself, I see the tone of the year defined by the worldwide Women’s March – which included 1/4-1/3 male participants – that I had the privilege of being a part of.

You came here to feel part of a bigger mission and it is shaping itself – not in the rainbow and unicorn ways we might want – but through the passion and strength of hearts and souls showing up to say, “This is Love” and “This is not Love.”

The video below will help you to be part of a larger vision and collaborative movement that goes WAY beyond a political agenda being fought against.



In collaborative Rooster energy, I support your brilliance in all ways,

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