Monthly Sacred Soul Circle


The limitless well-being of Love and Prosperity is calling.

Can you hear it?


Magnetize INFINITE possibilities for your life

with Susann and her guides, The Beloveds 


The first Monday of every month, Susann and her guides bring forth soul wisdom she shares NOWHERE else!


Do you want to make the most of what YOU can bring into the world?

Are you looking for a way to enhance, build and grow from what you have learned from Susann and her guides through a personal session, a class or her newsletter?

Do you want to make the most of what YOU can bring into the world?


YOU KNOW your prosperity is in all ways an inside job. Why not have the means to create your destiny from a place of connection to pure, radiant spirit!

You also don’t have the means to spend thousands of dollars on a training that is over in a week.

This is where you’ll find all you need easily and with TREMENDOUS personal support from Susann


COMMUNITY is vital to the formation of the new world we wish to create and share in. Susann’s Sacred Soul Circle membership provides you with the support you need to make the most of your connection to your soul and its gifts, while simultaneously connecting you with a community of like-minded souls who are committed to opening, receiving and creating powerful shifts through Love and INFINITE POSSIBILITIES.


During the Monthly Sacred Soul Circle call, Susann will PERSONALLY MENTOR you to:


teal checkmark 2 Achieve clarity on specific, vital choices you have to make.

teal checkmark 2 Receive a spiritual perspective on an area of concern to you.

teal checkmark 2 Feel a greater connection to your soul and its purpose.

teal checkmark 2 Have confidence in moving forward in your life.


This is NOT pre-recorded or recycled material. You’re going to WORK DIRECTLY with Susann and her guides, the Beloveds …

The Beloveds have MUCH to share in relation to CURRENT EVENTS and are here to give their monthly spiritual perspective on our world and how we can best traverse it.




Consider the remarkable value of having YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED as Susann and her guides lead you into deeper connection with Source and opens you to the Divine, universal, HEALING wisdom that is waiting for you.

Also, unique to this community membership, you’ll take a GUIDED MEDITATIVE JOURNEY to magnify your prosperity, health and well-being for the month. This powerful experience deepens the wealth of resources you connected with in your session or trainings with Susann.

It’s a perfect way to magnify and expand what you’ve already set forth in motion for your life.


Here’s what to expect during our Soul Circle call:


  • Your current questions answered by Susann and her guides, the Beloveds.

  • A reading from Susann at a FRACTION of the cost.

  • A guided meditative journey to catapult your intentions.

  • Remote energy work and activations from Susann and her guides in-between calls to help maximize and integrate the soul theme of the month.

  • Identify and release your challenges at a soul level.

  • Activate and experience your TRUE soul purpose.


Our Next Sacred Soul Circle is Tuesday, February 2, 2021 at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern (February’s circle will be held on the first Tuesday. Please make a note.)


As a Sacred Soul Circle Member, you’re welcome to email Susann your questions in advance if you can’t make the live call or aren’t ready to make your question public.


Red Star 1 A replay of the call is sent right away, so you don’t miss a thing!


This monthly SOUL INFUSION is DEFINITELY for you if:


  • You want the guidance and resources to trust your current path.

  • You desire a sense of community and camaraderie with like-minded souls.

  • You’re ready to handle life challenges with spirit’s assistance.

  • You want to tap into The Beloveds’ wisdom on how to best traverse current world affairs.

  • You wish you could have a reading with Susann!


 PLUS, you’ll receive 20% discounts on Susann’s teleclasses and special offers throughout the year.

“Thank you for a wonderful experience with the Sacred Soul Circle last night. I just wanted you to know the fantastic outcome I received today! I had 3 interviews and landed the job! I am not sure of the details yet but I know it will all be perfectly orchestrated!” – Denise

“This is such a gift. To have access to such deep and important information and be shown divine aspects of who we are, to be deeply connected to a beautiful community where it was natural to feel whole and complete and supported and accepted, however we are. I was able to bring some of this feeling inside me and see it is another aspect of my soul that I have access to. What a magical adventure.”- Liisa

“Thank you for helping facilitate and reminding me of Who I Am.  You are indeed the Master of openings leading us into the largeness of who we really are.  I am so blessed and honored that we have crossed paths.” – Wendy


Sacred Soul Circle Membership - Monthly
Sacred Soul Circle Membership - Monthly
Subscribe for one year at $22/month. PLUS, when you join as an annual member, you'll receive our 2014 Sacred Soul Circle archives as a FREE GIFT for you to enjoy!
Price: $22 billed once per month
Sacred Soul Circle Membership - One Month Experience
Sacred Soul Circle Membership - One Month Experience
A one time experience - a great way to sample our soulful community!
Price: $25.00