Soul Radiance Workshop

Let Susann GUIDE YOU to IGNITE the changes you want to see in your life!

This potent, exciting and very experiential workshop is based on Susann’s second book in her acclaimed Soul Mastery trilogy: Soul Radiance – Bring Your Soul Riches To Life.

The Soul Radiance Workshop will stimulate and activate the new foundation for your creative abundance.

In this time when the monetary foundation that we thought we could count on for security is no longer a sure anchor for us, the Soul Radiance Workshop will give you a consistent anchor to the one reality that you can always trust: your soul and its connection to all that is Divine. Your soul is available and READY to bring you what you need.

Your Soul’s wealth is connected to all of creation. ALL the gifts, strengths and life purposes you seek are available to you through connection to your soul. In the Soul Radiance Workshop Susann guides you on a journey to your Soul-Essence to connect you with the resources you need as the secret to your soulful manifestation.

Feel the clear, loving, abundant way your soul wants to give you all you desire. Let your Soul take you to where you long to be. This workshop will give sacred meaning to your everyday life, so you can step into your world with confident radiance and be in love with life itself.

When you create from the level of the Soul the whole universe supports your creation
Susann’s Soul Radiance Workshop is your PORTAL to your Soul’s abundance.

Soul Radiance Workshop (MP3)
A workshop to stimulate and activate the new foundation for your creative abundance. 2 Hours of MP3 Material. Instant Download.
Price: $131.00
Price: $49.00

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