Create The Life You Love Program

Nothing is unimportant in your universe.  It all matters immensely right now!

This is the time your soul chose to be here, so give yourself the resources to make the most of it. Discover how to fully live your path with the sense of greatness you know is possible.  No one but you can bring the radiance of your gifts in the way that is uniquely designed for your activation.

  • Do you have intentions, dreams, longings, visions for what this significant time could be for you but you need greater guidance and creative resources to bring your vision of possibility to fruition?
  • Do you sense the magical possibilities of this time to create the life of your choosing as never before but need the tools to truly actualize your potential?
  • Do you sense the vital nature of this historical time of revelation of whole new possibilities but are not sure how to most effectively “get on board” to be where the magic, flow and power of Love is that is propelling this time forward at such a great speed?

The Create the Life You Love Program teaches you the codes for abundance and creation to birth your creative purposes and develop the experiential tools and means to tap into the miracle energy of “new birth” present at this time.  Take the transitional leap from where you are, to where you truly want to be.

This program is designed to help you tap into the divine urgency you are feeling and couple that with the desire you have to more potently co-create with all that is Divine.  Add to it your sense of wanting to take your life to a whole new level and here you are!  If not now, when?

Create the Life You Love gives you the tools to move out of your personal recession and the feeling that you have little value to offer and operate from the field of creative power and passion.

This course will give you the courage you need and the “braveheart” you desire to let your heart and soul truly take you where you know you are meant to be.  Let this course help you dissolve all those “if onlys” within you that are orphans waiting to come home to the creation of your wholeness

It doesn’t matter how stuck you feel, or how impossible the road ahead might look or how defeated you feel or how unsupported you believe you are. This is your time to believe in yourself and be given what you need to magnify a belief in your creative genius and the power of the universe’s co-creative place with you.

  • Move out of the restless spin of feeling stuck, to the freedom of unlimited possibilities when creation moves you forward.
  • Uncover once and for all what is holding you back from living the life you love.
  • Alter your personal recession and operate from the field of creative power and passion.
  • Shift to a confident place to create from your gifts and purposes and know you will be generously received by this world.


Part 1:  Open to the life you love

Create the blueprint for the next chapter in your life and move your longing into codes for creative purpose and destiny.  Take a guided journey to bring forth the support and direct means to catalyze what you are seeking to birth.

Part 2:  Live an inspired life

Open the realms of inspiration, as divine guidance, to ignite your dreams and your creations to give them life. Access “divine parenting” to assist you to midwife your creation.

Part 3:  Strengthen connection to the field of creation

Expand and fortify this connection and move out whatever soul level patterns are keeping you from birthing your dreams and bringing them into this world in all their shine. You will deepen your commitment to fueling what you love as you release the subliminal fears keeping you from loving the life you lead.

Part 4:  Live from a creative partnership with all of life

Access the wellspring of guidance for co-creation to bring your blueprint to potent fruition and discover how to partner with this world in bringing forth your genius.

Part 5:  Birth, and be in awe with, what you are creating 

** This course is equivalent to having five private sessions with Susann. This is your grand opportunity to take the steps to creative fulfillment!

The time is ripe to enhance all that you wish to develop and bring to the light of day. Take advantage of these proven tools and resources from the wealth of Spirit’s guidance to bring forward all that you need for your creative impulses to manifest.

Create The Life You Love Program
Gain the tools to move out of your personal recession to operate from the field of creative power and passion. 5 hours of MP3 material. Instant Download.
Price: $349.00
Price: $89.00

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