Clear the Path to Your Soul’s Prosperity

May 1st–7th, 2018

Are you ready to open the gates wide to the wealth of your soul?

Are you willing to put vital energy towards having
the prosperous life you long for?

Are you ready to take a quantum leap in your
soul’s mastery of living here and now?

Are you done being stuck, in fear, or too tired or burdened to move forward?

Do you sense that something larger is calling but you do not know how to connect to it in a way that uplifts you?

Let’s alchemize all those doubts and resistance for transformation to your soul’s freedom and remarkable support.


Let’s Release, Renew and Jump Start together!


One week (7 days) for Spring cleansing and renewal:

1) Dissolve what is keeping you from knowing your soul’s natural state of abundance

2) Reclaim your divine self worth

3) Live from the fulfillment of your soul’s revelation of purpose

4) Release what holds you back from hearing your intuition – the voice of your soul

We will begin with a LIVE session together on Tuesday, May 1 and end with another LIVE session on Monday, May 7.

What happens in between? Five (5) days full of meditations, activations, and releasing of the patterns that no longer serve your soul’s emergence into full blown prosperity.

Pricing: $47

Clear the Path to Your Soul's Prosperity
Clear the Path to Your Soul's Prosperity
A 7-day class for Spring cleansing and renewal.
Price: $47.00

You are magnificent and your soul and its guidance are moving heaven and earth for you continually!

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