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Earlier this month, Susann was invited to be a speaker for a potent, magical event: Manifesting Money and Miracles – Embracing the 2012 Shift for your Highest Good.

Sharon Hess, the esteemed host, interviewed Susann on the following powerful topics:

Access Your Soul’s Wealth: The Key to Radiant Prosperity

  • Get to the heart of soulful manifestation.
  • Uncover your soul challenges that keep you from being your creator self.
  • Learn how to activate your inherent spirit’s wealth.
  • Access your soul strengths for manifestation in all ways.
  • Bring forth the magic of your radiant, prosperous self – now!

Subscribers can login and listen by going to this page: Subscribers’ Radio Interviews.

If you’re not yet enrolled, it’s easy!  Simply sign up using the Free Special Events and Offerings box at the top right of the site.

Happy Manifesting!

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