You Make A Difference…

You make a difference!

Even if we don’t live on the East Coast, Super-storm Sandy has impacted us all. We are connected and our worlds have been changed forever, whether we are conscious of it or not

With Super-storm Sandy we can be very thankful for the systems of this world that are in place like FEMA, the Red Cross, and local and national governments who have brought tremendous rescue, security and repair already to a shocked and paralyzed part of our world. This is the provision of what some have called a broken system or limited government.

We also have the provision of a huge influx of our love and prayers and all the help of those volunteers and neighbors coming together providing the government of Love. All are needed and each one makes a difference. Yes, you –  no matter what part of the globe you call home.

I feel so honored to be connected to this grand company of souls that you are, on the leading edge of this huge evolution that we are privileged to be part of. You rock!  And you absolutely make a difference. We have so many ways to contribute our Light in this grand evolutionary process.

And in just a few days, our world will be greatly impacted again. Is it a solar flair or a lunar eclipse coming? No, it is an election for the President of the United States of America for the next four vital years on our planet during this incredible time of evolution and upheaval. This is not a local event but a worldwide event for it impacts our entire global community.

Some might say that this election is a political event and politics don’t matter, nor does it have anything to do with this great ascension process of creating a new earth that we are in.

I would like to offer another perspective.

One poignant and current way I see the valuable Light that each of you have spent precious time learning to generate is through your contribution of Light in this upcoming election.

In the eyes of Divinity, WE matter tremendously, as does every aspect of life unfolding. Nothing is separate from us, nor is anything outside our power as Love, unless we insist on holding it away from our spiritual influence. That includes how we support this vital position of U.S. President at this crucial time in our transformation process.

I know it’s not cool or typical for those of us speaking of transformation to speak of things like what we call politics. This Universal power of oneness counts everything we are producing as vehicles for Light. So can we if we are holding that universal perspective in our heart and soul.

We can put our energy into complaining about what isn’t or has not happened via the framework of the current governmental systems or we can contribute to the influence of Light through your vote towards the greatest potential for Light’s movement via our U.S. President and the local initiatives that are on your ballot.

Remember in the next years of this Grand Shift the hand of the Divine will be reaching into every aspect of our world here. That includes our governmental system. Bear in mind, this election is not merely a matter of politics. This is an avenue for our world to come into the hands of the Divine.

You make a difference in allowing the Divine’s hand to flow easily into the systems of this world. Or you can stand back and say this election or the political system, even in its imperfection doesn’t matter. Thank goodness the Universe has not stepped back and ignored you because you are imperfect.

I encourage you, as always, to speak your heart and bring your hand of divinity into your world and vote on election day as a member of the governing body of the emergence of Divine Government in this world

From my heart and soul’s perspective and love to yours,


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